In today’s world you cannot do without internet and if you are a businessman, then it becomes an inevitable part of your business as well. If you are not online, then you are surely missing out a huge chunk of potential customers. Keeping this in mind, even small businesses as well as start up make it a point to have their presence felt on the web. But, the major problem that these small businesses and the startups used to face was with the payment gateway. They had their website ready, but they were not able to use it for selling off their products or services. It was due to the reason that the secured and popular gateways involve so much of financial burden that it becomes almost impossible for these kinds of businesses to access them. This was a major problem for most businesses few years back, but now with Instamojo coming into action, things have changed a lot. Indian business owners have finally received something that is easy to use and also light on their pocket too.



Instamojo referral system : In order to gain popularity one of the main things that any business can use is the word of mouth. But, it would only be possible if you provide something in return and that is what Instamojo have done. They have come up with the referral system where users will get reward points for referring their friends and families. Therefore, it encourages the users to refer others and get some kind of a reward in return. You can now earn credits through referral, which is a great way of enjoying a strong customer base. No matter if you are a software designer or a freelancer in the digital arena, everybody has the scope to use this platform to get their things sold online. Everything is simplified, so that you can concentrate on your creation because the rest is taken care by Instamojo. Click on Invite your friends link and update the email id or you can also send in an invitation using your contact list on Gmail. You can also use the social networking platform like Facebook, Google + or Twitter to invite them and earn credit for that.


Why choose Instamojo over others? : If you have used other payment gateways, then you already know how complicated things can be and this is where Instamojo is different from others. If you look in deeply, then you will see that in Instamojo there is no need of technical integration, moreover, the onboarding process is done almost instantaneously and that too without charging you anything extra. You will also find the amazing tools of e-commerce with excellent user interface that will help you achieve an unmatched sales conversion which is far better than others.

You can now enjoy the services of the Appstore from Instamojo. In here, you will find various apps that will enhance your experience even better. In the Appstore you will find some free apps whereas there is some, which comes with a price tag. So, depending on your requirement you can select your preferred app, which has all the powerful features that you have been looking for.


Some Instamojo apps : If you are wondering what types of apps are made available in the Appstore, then here is an overview of what to expect out of it. In the Instamojo Appstore, you will get the apps that will enhance your experience and not just that it will also affect your sales in a better way. There is an app called the SMS Notification App, which will notify you every time a sale has been made. Then there is this Email Multiple Customers app, which helps you in communicating with the existing customers and making them aware of the recent product launch and other services. You will able to allow others to sell off your products and services on your behalf by creating an affiliate network of your own.

Instamojo-App Store


Payment made even easier than before : An Instamojo button for the payment can be added across the social networking sites like Facebook, twitter as well as messenger app like WhatsApp. This has been done keeping in mind the clients who do not have a separate website; instead they use these platforms to complete the transaction. They are provided with a code, which they can make use of whenever they create a link and the best part is that the code automatically turns into a button when you use it to collect the payment. The users don’t have to worry about the payment because it has been well taken care of by Instamojo. The users just have to embed the code and they can make use of the button in no time.  They will also be able to customize the payment button as per their preference.

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So, if you are just starting up a business or an established one, you can easily use this highly secured payment gateway of Instamojo.

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