How to install the Alexa widget to blogger/blogspot. Alexa rank is a ranking based on the number of visitors to our blog, the more visitors your blog or website then alexa rank will be of high value. Where does Alexa know the number of visits a website or blog? Alexa will know the number of visits to a website or blog is based on information from the computer’s internet browser toolbar.alexa install alexa widget on your blog or website to obtain accurate data on the number of visits. By installing the Alexa widget on your blog, then the engine will alexa know accurately how visitors and Page view (the pages viewed) on your website or blog.

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The First Step
Go to Alexa Traffic Widgets
Enter your blog address in the fields, for example ->
Then click the button “Build Widget”

AlexaThen there will be a page that shows the size and shape 3 different widget, choose which one you prefer.. Copy the HTML code contained within the column into notepad or word.


Step Two :

Go to Blogger–>Layout–>Add a gadget
Choose HTML/Javascript from the list


Paste the HTML code that was saved in the notepad into the fields. Then click Save. Continue to completion. Hopefully with the installation of Alexa widget, so the higher your blog ranking in Alexa.