Most of the Android apps we download are from Google play store. Only sometimes we may not find our desirable apps on the play store which may press us to download the special app from some other websites and other resources. Downloading Android APK files from Google store is real comfortable. All you have to do is click on the download button and it will be downloaded to your gimmick. Later on the completion of downloading, they will be automatically installed on your device. In this way you can manually install Android APK files on your phone.

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How to Install Android APK Files to Android Device

If you download any app from any other sources other than Google Play store and wish to install it, then it will be turned down by your device by default. This is because your phone setting doesn’t support non-market Google apk apps. In order if you want to install this non-market apk app, than you need to change the default setting from your device. And this can be done in two ways. They are:

Installing non-market Android apps from PC to Android device

Connect the device with your computer by plugging the phone with the USB cable to your computer.

  1. Google Android SDK and the Android USB drivers have be downloaded and installed.
  2. After this you have to modify your phone’s setting so that you can install the applications from other sources. That is, under settings select application settings and then enable unknown sources. Also select SD card and Phone storage under Select option and then finally select “disable use for USB storage”.
  3. Now all left to do is, open command prompt and type the following: adb install /.apk (i.e., replace with the path to your apk file and with the name of apk file).
  4. Your application is ready for you to enjoy.

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Directly from Android device

You can even install non-market apps directly from your Android device. For this, first open the settings menu on your device. Check for the option to allow installation of Android apps from the unknown sources. So in this way, whenever you want to set up any app from any other source to your device, you can execute it by simply clicking on the app and it will be set up immediately.
Hope that this might be useful for you and now you will be able to install any app whatever the source it may be from and enjoy to the fullest.