Monetizing your website is crucial to running it long term. Unless you have some deep pockets, it is very difficult to run a website or a blog without ads for a long time, provided it gathers enough visitors. So, one major way of monetizing a blog is by advertisements.

When it comes to advertisements, there are two possibilities. Either go for banner ads or be a part of an ad network. By being a part of an ad network like Infolinks, you open a door to infinite possibilities.

Ad networks enable you to focus only on the content and not worry much about advertising. Ad networks like Infolinks, uses sophisticated algorithms to make sure that only the most suitable and relevant ads are displayed in a particular website, which is related to the content and not some random advertisement.

This increases the user experience and engagement with your website as well. When you integrate Infolinks with your website, which is an easy task onto itself. You’ll get paid based on user engagement with the ads. Cost per click or cost per impression is the metric used to measure it based on the ad.

Since the advertisement is tailored to your website, it’ll be an increased possibility that the user engages with it, Infolinks provides added options to customize the ads to the look and feel of your website as well. Let’s take a deeper look at Infolinks.


Signing up and getting approval.

Infolinks doesn’t have any minimum requirements for page views or visitors and their approval policy is quite simple unlike other ad networks like AdSense. They are open to any content publisher, but make sure that your website doesn’t have any content that could be consideredillegal or offensive.

Every application is subject to an approval process and once it’s done, you can start displaying ads on your website. The application is a simple process as well.

Integrating Infolinks with your website/blog

Once your application is approved by Infolinks, you’ll get a script which contains your unique identification. You’ll have to add it to the HTML code of your website. If you use popular content management systems like WordPress, Blogger or Joomla, there are ready made plugins available for it. You can use them, if you are still unsure, there are thousands of tutorials online that will guide you through the process step by step.

Varieties of ad products provided by Infolinks

Infolinks ad network provides new and advanced NATIVE ad units which are a must-have monetization tool for every blogger and site owner. They have a variety of options to choose from as well.

InFold: Above the fold is the part of your website that is visible before scrolling. InFold makes use of this space in your blog and it has the highest engagement potential, much higher compared to the footer. It is a search and display ad unit.

InTag: It displays ads relevant to the context of the article in the particular page.

InText: This will scan the text in your article and displays inline ads that are linked with specific keywords and pop up on hovering over it.

InScreen: This is a full page ad that is displayed in between page views depending on the context and has better design aesthetics.

InFrame: If you have narrow frame website and the sides of your website area is left unused, you can make it work for you by opting for this method.

About AdShop

There is also a platform called AdShop, by Infolinks which you can use to self-serve ads. You can use this if you prefer complete control over the ads displayed on your website.The beauty of all these ad units is that they have plenty of customization options, where you can alter the look and feel of the ads to better fit the design aesthetics of your website.

An ad-on for advertisers looking for growth in their business is that the payment method is CPC. In laymen terms, you’ll have to pay for the users clicking on your ads. Also, in order to start a campaign, you’ll have to pay only $25, unlike other platforms, where you have to pay significantly more.

Something that worries the advertisers the most is whether their money is being spent on introducing their services to a real audience or not. AdShop assures that all the clicks are real and you make most out of your investment.

Infolinks Refer & Earn Program

Apart from earning money through advertisements displayed in your website, you can also earn by referring Infolinks to your friends and other webmasters/ blog owners. This is an added revenue stream. If your niche is blogging or how to make money, then this can do wonders to you.

Infolinks is compatible with your Google AdSense account as well. It’ll work seamlessly alongside your AdSense account and there is no compatibility issues between the two ad networks. It falls under the Google guidelines and you won’t be banned by AdSense for using Infolinks in your website alongside it.


It is free to join Infolinks and the revenue share is 65:35, where 65% of the ad revenue generated is for you, while the 35% goes to Infolinks.

There are numerous easy ways for receiving your payments from Infolinks ad network. Publishers can easily use PayPal, Bank Wire, eCheck, ACH (for payment in US bank accounts) or Payoneer for transferring the amount you earned through Infolinks.

The processing time is less than 48 hours and the request get activated. Infolinks minimum payout threshold is $50.

And the charges incurred for the transfer is as listed below in details in terms of increasing cost incurred for you to transfer:

ACH and Payoneer: – No fees
PayPal: – U.S. residents $1, for rest of the people 2% up to $10
eCheck: – $6+2% for currency conversion
Western Union: – $15 minimum
Bank Wire Transfers: – $25+2% to receive your payment via your local currency

Knowledge Sharing

They have a very informative blog which you can use to update yourself about the working of the system and learn more tips and tricks to efficiently use the platform. They actively update their blog on the latest developments and how they plan to improve the platform in the future. The customer support is also helpful in case you have some doubts regarding the platform.

Follow them on their social media sites to gain insights on to the working of the platform and connect with other users of Infolinks to learn from them as well.

You can follow them on their social networking platforms at the links below:

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