Funk and colours are in the stream of market. The colourful covers, highlighted speech of the coffee mugs, an eye attracting painting etc., are just few of the aspects that the interior decors touch according to the latest trend. This variety that has flooded the market finds its origin from the laps of ‘Indian Kitsch.

For a commoner the terms seem to be not so easy to be interpreted, but the real professionals know well about the storm. Kitsch finds its origin back form the old Shakespearean days. Thomas Kinkade is designated as the “King of kitsch”. The colours and the designs pondered on the sheets to brush kitsch weren’t widely accepted and was said to be not so royal. Even though the kitsch art wasn’t portrayed in the emperor’s room but it had a demand more than any other form. The style was meant to be street fashion statement, graffiti in cultural looks etc.

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Turning down the pages to the current trend, this has been covered in the kitsch art forms. Though when we speak about Indian Kitsch, it doesn’t highlight a lot about Shakespearean theme rather it underline small and basic themes like nimb- mirchi, cutting chai etc. and in the lieu of these pity themes the carving is done for high quality sales. At times kitsch isn’t just about paintings on wall hangings or bed sheets, the hand painted wall clocks have filled up the fashion culture too. The colourful clocks that vibrantly expresses the Indian culture is highly in demand scale. And that’s why it can be said that the kitsch painters portray a picture of their common life-style.

Now there are many minds with a question, how to fit kitsch in my room? It doesn’t need a lot of efforts to fit kitsch in your room; it just needs bit knowledge of your own taste. Know your inner soul, does a Bollywood print in your room have a sphere, or a temple art makes it attractive, else go for the basic street effects. Once you know you own clutch, just a plane sofa with a kitsch cushion cover is just a perfect match. Even a plain white wall standing just behind your head looks more attractive witch a big kitsch painting. Artists have given a try of kitsch on the foot mats that even make the empty room attractive.

The most important in choosing a kitsch art is the choice of colour combinations. It is undeniably the most important aspect. It even happens that the most perfect painting with a great message but a poor combination of the colours may make your room look ugly. So whenever you tend to point a kitsch art piece choose the most effective colour combination.

Indian kitsch art pieces can be well adored on many shopping websites, otherwise plan up a visit to Urban Ladder you may get a lot to pick from. So turn your lids down and imagine your room in Kitsch artistic pattern, surely a tempting smile would seize your lips. It’s a great choice for a colourful room.