Index Your New Blog In just 5 Minutes !

Ohh,, is this possible? How?

yes! it is 100% possible but some of bloggers especially newbie blogger aren’t aware about this method. if you think i gonna share some tips on link building etc. then you are wrong. there is no need to do link building by commenting on high ranking blogs and joining forum, . However, it is important for increasing your blogs SERP (Search Engine Result Page) but for indexing your blog,  you do not need to worry. your new blog can be indexed in Google search in just 5 minutes.  so, i know you are crazy to know that how it is possible, :D just follow me.

Here we go..

I’ve already published article on How to create your new blog. so, if you don;t know about this then you can learn from there, and if you have already created your new blog then first of all go to Google webmaster tools then submit your blogs sitemap (Learn more on how to submit your blogs sitemap on Google webmaster tools)

After submitting your blog’s sitemap, go to Google Webmaster Tools > Dashboard > Choose your blog > Crawl >Fetch as Google.
and fetch your posts, pages, or homepage, (Learn more about how to use fetch as google on Google webmater tools. )

That’s it ! now just wait for 5 minutes, and then your blog will be live on the Google search engine. I have tried it for my new blog and it’s working like charm ;)

Don’t try if your blog is already indexed in Google search. it is for indexing blog NOT for increasing your blogs SERP (Search Engine Result page) However, you can use this tool for indexing your new post fast in Google search engine. but there is some limits. that you can learn from here : What is The Fetch as Google In Google Webmaster Tools

Cheers !! :D