How to Increase your Android Phone MemoryAny android phone consists of two memory location area- interior and external storage. Among this, the availability of internal memory storage is important because when it is full it slows down your device. So it is of the essence that you free up or increase your device’s internal memory as it is not possible to buy it like that of external one. As the Android phone comes with very low internal storage i.e. 200 to 400 MB, so the occupancy of the spare place of your android is more obvious after downloading few applications itself. So if you want to increase the internal storage of your Android you can root your Android or you can even use SD card’s storage as the internal memory to a certain extent. By increasing internal storage, you can access your phone with outstanding velocity and even install large apps.

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  1. Rooted Android device (first thing that you must get along).
  2. Memory card which must be of 2 GB or above.
  3. Storage card reader (not a phone).
  4. A computer.
  5. Installation of MiniTool.
  6. Download Link2SD app from Google play store.
  7. Create a backup of your data (memory card) which you classify as vital.

Necessary steps to be followed to Increase Internal Memory of Android


Backup of Memory Card :
The foremost and the foremost step to be followed is backing up all the significant and necessary files, folders and data memory card. You can practice this by copying and pasting all the files and data’s to your computer or some other gimmick.


Partitioning of Memory card :
You can connect the storage card to the computer via card reader but do not use a phone or a USB cable to connect the memory card.

  1. Now you can see a letter assigned to the memory card by your computer in “my computer” page and make a note of it.
  2. Meanwhile, you open the MiniTool.
  3. Right click on the assigned letter and delete it.
  4. Now you can see an unallocated space instead of a letter in the memory card.
  5. By right clicking on the memory card you can choose to create as option after that choose primary.
  6. Select file system as FAT if your card size is less than 2 GB and FAT32 if more than 2 GB.
  7. Now unallocate the memory space as per your desire and reduce the size accordingly on partitioning size.
  8. Under the option create as choose the option primary after selecting the unallocated space.
  9. Choose file system EXT2.
  10. Now click “ok” and then “apply” on top of the menu.
  11. That’s it. You have done with it. And now all you are left with is to copy all the data back to your memory card from the computer and insert it in your phone to reboot it.

Link2SD configuration :

  1. Open the preinstalled Link2SD.
  2. It will prompt you to select the file system of your second permission, now choose ext2.
  3. Now click ok to restart your phone automatically.
  4. A dialogue box appears. Now click ok.
  5. Click on the icon appearing and select on internal applications.
  6. Tap the option key and then select multi-select and click the option select all in order to select all the apps.
  7. From option, click action key and then create links.
  8. Options like application files, link dalvic cache, link library files can be seen, choose them and then click on ok.
  9. Link2SD will then move all the apps and games from the second partition of the card by creating a link and then click ok.
  10. You have to repeat the same procedure whenever you install a new app or application. That is, go to menu select settings followed by auto link option then you will find 3 link options, select them and then click OK.