Are you crazy about Smartphones? Then you must be a fan of iPhone series of Apple. Apple has introduced some amazing Smartphones like iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. Do you want to buy anyone among these? If you are looking to buy an iPhone may fell confused to select which model you should buy! Because both iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 are very popular for their amazing features. This article will show you an in-depth comparison between these two phones and will help you to select the appropriate one for you.

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Design and Outlook:


iPhone 5 is the latest model of iPhone series of Apple. It had an amazing sell of around 5 million in the first three days after opening. It is little larger than iPhone 4s. The height, width and depth of this phone is 4.87 inch, 2.31 inch and 0.30 inch. This is a light-weight device, it weighs only 3.95 ounces.


On the other hand, iPhone 4s is an older version of iPhone series. But it became very popular immediately after its releasing. It is little heavier than iPhone 5 and it weighs 4.9 ounces. The height, width and depth of this device is 4.5 inch, 2.31 inch and 0.37 inch.

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As you can see in the comparison, iPhone 5 is slimmer and lighter than iPhone 4s. The iPhone 5 is made with a brushed aluminium back instead of glass, it’s tougher as well. Though the controls are almost same in the both devices, but the power button is smaller in iPhone 5.

Color Option:


The iPhone 5 models have 2 color shades. For example, the two models given here have Black & Slate and White & Silver color combination. So, if you like color shade, iPhone 5 is the perfect device for you.


On the contrary, iPhone 4s models don’t have any shade. For example, the Black colored device is just black and the white is only white. This is a perfect device for those who don’t like shades.

Screen Quality:


The iPhone 5 has a 4 inch diagonal Retina display and the iPhone 4s has a 3.5 inch diagonal Retina display. The display size is almost near, but there are many differences in the quality. The resolution of iPhone 5 is 1136 x 640 pixels, and the resolution of iPhone 4s is 960 x 640 pixels. You will have a new experience when you will play in HD videos on iPhone 5, it boasts warm colors and has a wider viewing angles. It also has better clarity in direct sunlight. It’s a great device for movie lovers.

Hardware and Others:

Now lets see the basic similarities and differences between these two phones. Both of the devices run on is 6 operating system, iPhone has an Apple A6 processor while iPhone 4s has A5 dual core processor. Both of them have 8 Megapixels rear facing camera, i5 has 0.9MP front facing camera and i4S has only 0.3MP. In iPhone 5, the RAM has been increased from 512MB to 1GB, so it will boost up quickly than iPhone 4S. It runs games faster as well.

On the basis of the comparison, it can be said that iPhone 5 has more utilities than iPhone 4S, but the choice is yours.