Gmail is a great email service. Yet some might require additional features, such as:

  • the option to send messages later
  • Mail tracking
  • message templates

You can get all of these in Gmail with the free Deskun plugin.

Install the plugin first into your Chrome browser and login with your Gmail account. This enables all the free functions right away for unlimited use.

New buttons in message editing

Now let’s have a go at using the new functions.

Send later

This option allows you to set the exact time for message dispatch. It will reach the addressee any time you want, be it five minutes or two years later.

For example you might not want to disturb a colleague with your report on a weekend. With the “send later” option you take care of the report now and she will be getting it first thing Monday morning.

This can be achieved by creating a new message as usual. Click the green “send later” icon at the bottom of the window. Choose time and date and hit “send”. Done.

Here you can either delay the dispatch or choose the exact time for the message to be sent

The message has now been directed into the “Drafts” folder and will be sent from there automatically.

Some applications of the function include newsletters, making active notes or simply timing correspondence to a colleague on annual leave.


You can remind yourself of important messages you cannot handle right now by snoozing them. The email will show up in its original folder after a set period has expired.

Imagine working on an important task and opening a client request for a less urgent update. You can remind yourself of the request once you are done with the first task. Simply snooze the request for four hours or more.

Click the Deskun icon next to the message title. Set the snooze timer. It’s that simple.

Icons in the message folder. They can also be found in an open letter.

Or try the orange “bell” icon on the Gmail panel. It will appear once you open a message.

Same menu as in the “send later” option

The message resides in the Deskun: Snooze folder during the snoozed period and then returns to its original folder as unread.

Snoozing does not only work with the incoming emails. Outgoing messages can also be snoozed. Practically it enables conditional reminders. You can be reminded of the message if the recipient has not read it or has not responded for example.

Pick the reminder conditions using the same “bell” menu

This unique feature helps to keep track of important emails and clients.

Message templates

Let’s say you need to send out typical business offers of your services. With Deskun you can create a template and access it in one click. Naturally, it can be fine-tuned on the spot.

Templates are created in the Deskun control panel. When responding to a request click the templates button and choose the required one from the list.

Templates button

Create new template

Give the template a suitable title for convenience.

Don’t forget to save the template

Templates can also help to organise newsletters or send out instructions to new employees.

Mail tracking

Deskun equips all messages with a simple icon that tells you if the message has been read. Mail tracking can be enabled while creating a new message.

Green icon means the mail tracking is on

The same icon in the inbox folder is green if the message has been read. Grey “eye” symbols are placed next to unread mail.

Hover over the symbol to see the exact time the message was opened

Checking if coworkers or customers have familiarised themselves with your messages is made much simpler with mail tracking.

So far we have reviewed four free of charge features of Deskun. Consider getting the plugin if you are:

  • An entrepreneur or a freelance specialist who uses Gmail
  • In customer support
  • A Project lead or a newspaper/blog editor
  • In customer relationship management
  • …eager to get on with the work without standalone apps.