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Although Windows 8 is an improved version of Windows 7 there is a need for the improvement of its performance .One should be alert while using the PC and see that if any nuisance has created a blockage between the running programs .For this you must must regularly follow these rules for the improvement of the PC s performance

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Keep administrative tools accessible

In a Windows 8 desktop you can find the administrative tools in the bottom left corner of your screen. However you will come to know later that the tools displayed in the toolbox aren’t enough. If you want to enable all the tools in the administrative toolbox you will have to enable a mode called as ‘God Mode’
You might be thinking what can be this god mode ,some may be wondering that this might be a new application in Windows 8 but you would be surprised to know that God mode can be enabled in all the versions of Windows follow these instruction in order to start the God mode

  • Open your desktop
  • 2 Right click on a new folder
  • 3 Rename the folder to


  • Opens that folder and you will see that every icon in that folder would be under the sun

Keep an eye on your system functioning

It is one of the point that the majority of users ignores until they get a certain fault on their PC .But Windows 8 comes with certain inbuilt softwares and a bit of hardware that treat these faults before they damage the system.
For that switch to the ‘Performance Tab ‘ of the task manager and you will automatically get an idea of what is going wrong with your PC

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Turn off the visual effects

While playing a certain game on your windows 8 you should be aware of the fact that Visual effects require a large amount of hardware resources .So if you are running short of CPU and if you have a very low memory storage of RAM . Then it would be safer that you turn off the visual effects of the PC

Stop indexing!

Look Windows has a large set of applications which is quite ordinary but it all comes for a cost. . Windows search and indexing tools go hand in hand . This can be a huge CPU hog when it is playing its role.

Make use of power settings to improve performance

Power setting is the most beneficial for laptop user as it provides them with the best performance they have ever experienced. The maximum performance of your PC totally depends on your hardware parts like CPU , RAM , display , SMPS ,etc.
Keep your system drive clean and error free

Disk defragmentation

After a long and continuous working of a computer if you are adding or removing certain files and folders frequently your computer will get fragmented automatically… And so since it’s defragmentation you must follow a routine work of disk defragmentation for about a week.