You may be one of the elite, you may be one of the newbies, indeed, you may be a super guru, but whichever class of marketing you belong to, it has to be said that SEO is extremely important if you want to keep your visitors coming back. First of all, what is SEO? What is it for? SEO is one of the buzzwords on the internet that basically means “Search Engine Optimization” or in other words, the practice of optimizing a web page so that a visitor can be presented with relevant information by the search engines. And it is important, no matter what the naysayers may tell you. In this article, we will take a look at some of the key aspects of SEO and PPC advertising and why they will keep visitors coming back.

The Importance of SEO For Repeat Visitors
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First of all, it’s important to understand what search engines are looking for. The true giant of search is Google, and it is the market leader in the search engine world for a reason. However, this should not mean that you build your pages with Google in mind. This is a mistake. You should always build your pages with a visitor in mind. This is how Google is configured. It responds and behaves like a visitor. Googlebot reads your page as a visitor might, disregarding a lot of the HTML tags used to build the page in a quest to find relevant information for the visitor. As with any machine, Googlebot doesn’t understand context, so its only weapons are words.

SEO is the structuring of that text and certain tags such as the image ALT tag which defines what the image is of in the case of accessibility for users who have a text based browser instead of a conventional one. When Googlebot crawls your page it will read the entire textual content of your page, as well as defining which parts of the page are important by scanning certain tags such as H1, H2, STRONG and so on. These are the tags that will keep your visitors coming back, simply by using them effectively as part of your ranking strategy. For Google, relevance and authority means trust. By displaying content relevant to the reader’s search terms, you improve your chances of a) appearing at the top of the search rankings and b) staying there and winning repeat visitors.

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Of course, on page content is not the only factor involved in SEO these days. There is also linking to consider. Linking to internal content effectively and with good relevance is essential to winning repeat visitors. After all, would you visit a site that isn’t easy to navigate, or whose content is jumbled? If a person visits a page about red Ferraris they may want to also be shown some further reading on Green Ferraris, blue Porsches and orange Lamborghinis, but it’s unlikely they’d want to read about karate.

All these factors will keep your visitors coming back, and all of this and more should be considered when planning your SEO strategy.

On the other hand if you want to try paid traffic, you can try PPC Advertising. You will have to set bid on your selected keywords and every time a visitor clicks on your ad, you will be charged. You will have full control on your PPC campaign and you can set any bidding price.