Given the many uses clothing has, it is vital to choose the right clothes for the workout you are going to perform and for the conditions you’ll be performing under.

It goes without saying:

Selecting the right athletic and gym apparel can drastically improve your performance and potential at sports and exercise much better than if you selected the wrong clothes (which can often break and disrupt your rhythm).


Below are a few basic things to consider when choosing the right clothes for you when exercising:

Style and Comfort

You should begin by picking clothes that make you look and feel good. This is likely to boost your self-esteem which will give you that extra bit of motivation to keep at it. Research has shown that those who have little self-confidence in relation to how they look and in the clothes they wear are less likely to engage in physical activity.

Free Range of Movement

It is important to wear clothes which keep you flexible and does not restrict your natural movement when performing your workout. Whilst looking stylish is beneficial when exercising, the best sportswear are designed in such a way that it makes working out comfortable and enjoyable.

Avoid clothes which are too big or too small for you – instead focus on the style of fit and ensure that it hugs your physique enough to avoid weighing you down, prevents you from stretching as normal or increases your risk of injury.


There’s nothing worse than not being able to remain cool whilst working out. Therefore, it’s important to shop for clothes which have breathable technology woven in to ensure you are not hot, bothered and irritated whilst exercising.

This will also have the added effect of ensuring your sweat does not stick to your clothes which can cause dampness, keeping you fresh and cool throughout.

For some added ideas on where to shop for high quality sports performance clothes, be sure to checkout the below infographic for Gymshark, the fastest growing fitness apparel retailer in the UK as voted by FastTrack.