According to McAfee, around 10% of UK SMEs have experienced a digital security breach as the result of an employee error. McAfee also indicate that around 70% of SMEs are attempting to educate their employees about the risks of digital security but the figures suggest that this is not necessarily working.

Digital security should be of paramount importance to businesses of any size, and it can be very simple to achieve good practice if you follow a few simple rules.

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Training is key
The staff of any business are the most important defence in your digital security strategy. However, this is reliant on effective and up-to-date training by the right professionals. A small investment in this area could save you significant sums in the future. It’s also unfair to expect your employees to carry out good security practice if you yourself are unsure about its methods and benefits.

Update software
You need to keep all your software properly patched at all times. Hackers can exploit holes in everyday software and you can prevent this simply by running the latest version. If you use WordPress to run your website this is particularly important, so contact your hosting company if you are unsure how to do this.

Invest in anti-virus and firewall
A sturdy anti-virus and firewall are absolute necessities. There are plenty of packages available to use, and many are relatively inexpensive.

Secure online transactions
Equally important as your own data is that of any clients and customers online. Your online purchasing security is extremely important for building trust in the business, so make sure you have adequate SSL and verification to satisfy customers’ needs. If you are unsure about what exactly the role of SSL can be in your online and digital security, then it is worth investigating your options. You can find out more information and have SSL certificates explained by visiting Thawte, a verification specialist. See here for a Thawte free certificate.

Keeping your information safe online is as important, if not more, than protecting your physical office space. You would never leave the office unlocked over night, so why do the same online?