Well, i am not expert on this topic but recently discovered something good about on-page optimization( Image Optimization). It is really helped me out to get traffic from the search engine even from the short keyword such as “Nano car” and i am just going to represent the same for you by writing how it became possible.

Image Optimization for Search Engine

Image Optimization for Search Engine

As the title says ” Is image optimization important for SEO?” well, mostly this question asked by the beginners However, before the 1-2year i was also one of them as well. if you are regular visitor of makingdifferent.com then you may know, i have published many articles on search engine optimization. and today i am going to write about image optimization which also important for the blogger, in order rank highly on search engine.

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Image Optimization for Search Engine :

Well, In this article we will discuss on how to optimize image for SEO. image optimization is a part of On Page SEO Optimization. on page optimization means we provide quality articles with perfect keywords with title, tags, description which helps to access easily for search engine bots. generally, we take care about title, tags, and description but what about images? image optimization is important for our blog to get good traffic from the search engine as well.

Image file Naming :
Creating image file with descriptive keywords is the right method to make your images optimized for search engine. Hope you are knowledgeable about search engine spider which crawl the webpages in order to index and rank your webpage on the search engine. well, spider not only crawl the text on your blog, but they also search for keywords of your image file names.

Mostly we use the generic name into the image that given by the camera such as : IMAGE14.jpg. So, while uploading the image on your blog post it will be much better to rename the file name with relevant keyword. as example if your article related to nano car then your image file name should be nano-car.jpg or you can also give the same name as you given on your blog post title.

Also think about query of your blog’s visitor , what keyword they use while searching, as example above, for nano car they might be use the keywords like following :

2013 Nano car
Nano car 2013 Diesel
Nano car price
Tata Nano car price

Well, you can get these keyword for your blog form Google analytics, and see what keywords your visitors use to perform searches. find the most common keywords they use and use them as your blog post images file name.

if you are still not understanding important of image file name then simply use the right keyword while naming your image and try to be descriptive. or check out this seomoz.org forum Q&A to understand the importance of naming image file on your blog post. it will increase your on page SEO and help your blog post and images rank highly on search engines for sure.

So, it isn’t end here, there is also many things that we can use in order to optimize images for search engine such as Alt tags, Description, Caption, Title.

Alt Tags :
Alt tags = Text alternative to image when a browser can’t open them. when you hover over on the image, you can see the text that used as alt tag on that image. (Depending on your browser settings.).

Alt attribute also can be use to optimize your image for search engine. adding right alt tags can help your images to rank batter on the search engine by perfect keywords with image. do you know? how to put alt attribute in image code? let me show the example of image source code with alt tag :

Simple image source code seems look like this :

<image src="nano-car.jpg"/>

Image with alt tag source code will be look like this :

<image src="nano-car.jpg" alt="Nano Car"/>

as you can see in above example alt=”Nano Car” is alt tag which helps search engine to identify your image and rank on the search engines. So, you have to do same with all images on your blog, fill out each alt tag for every images on your blog. Also make sure about you are doing perfect optimization for image using alt tags, there are some rules that you have to follow carefully in order to save your blog from Google penalty do not do over optimization for image. In the alt tag you have to describe your images in plain English, Alt tag is just description about the image, you are not allowed to do keyword stuff ( for example : alt=”nano car buy now in cheap prices”). and also you are not allowed to add alt tags on decorative images of your blog.

Follow the steps above carefully and enjoy the search engine traffic, hope this article helps you to know, how to do image optimization and how it importance for search engine.

Take care bye.. bye…  see you next year ! :) happy new year 2014 in advance !! :D