This is not new in my blog. i have published this post before, when i was on blogger platform. if you are regular visitor of then you may know that my blog was removed by blogger automated classification system. so, i lost many of my good articles and content. also recovered some of articles but not all. i have also wrote about what happened with me and why my blog was marked as spam by blogger automated classification system. if you are on google’s blogger platform then i recommended you to read about blogger automated classification system.

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Well, come up to this post. in today’s post i gonna show you, how you can set up iFrame toolbar in your links. i am sure you have noticed iFrame toolbar in blogger template or wp themes websites. whenever you click on demo button then you will be redirect to new tab and there you seeing iframe toolbar on the top of the demo page. it may be help you to increase pageviews of your blog, whenever someone clicks on any of link which added by you on your article or anywhere in your blog. link will be open in new tab with iFrame toolbar, and your reader can come back to your site by click on home link which shows on iFrame toolbar. what is iFrame toolbar? actually, iframe toolbar will show up on the top of the page, it works based on jQuery. it look like top sticky menubar. for more detail check below generator and then customize colors and styles as you like and click on preview button.

Once you done customizing then click on generate button for generating code and copy the code from textarea and simply open notepad file and save as .html or .htm format and give a perfect name like demo.htm or demo.html or anything as you like.
Now, you have to host/upload it on your server, if you want to host for free then i recommended you : Github or Google drive for free hosting. Please note that it won’t work with dropbox hosting. do not try to host with dropbox.
After uploading, copy the hosted link it will look like this :

Now, whenever, you want to put link on your article then the toolbar page will get the url for the iframe as a parameter like this : (

Fore more detail check this demo and play with iFrame toolbar : Click here !

So, whenever you put link on your articles then you have to use link like this :

<a href="" >Best Blogger Widgets</a>

I hope this post help you to make iframe toolbar for your blogs link, if you have any query please let me know by commenting below. Thanks.