It is not uncommon for small and home businesses to have their own mobile apps. Mobile apps can be very useful for promoting products and connecting with customers. They can also be used to offer a highly personalized user experience and content, allowing easy access to the products and services your business provides.

Before you start developing mobile apps for your business, however, there is always one big question to answer: can your business really benefit from having its own mobile app? That is why in this article, we’re going to take a look at the different ways a mobile app can help small and home businesses.


Increased Visibility

You may be able to provide a similar user experience by having a mobile version of your site developed properly, but there is one thing that mobile apps can offer on top of that: constant visibility. Mobile apps can access native features like push notifications and a fluid user interface, allowing them to increase your business’s visibility substantially.

With your app icon on users’ home screens, the chances of your business crawling to the top of their minds is much improved. This is why a catchy and interesting app icon is important. It is also important to add value to the app so that users are willing to access it more frequently. That brings us to our second benefit, which is….

Better Content Marketing Instrument

Don’t just build a mobile app so you can sell products and services. Similar to building an effective website and promoting it, a mobile app must add value to the user experience in order for it to be successful. This is where content marketing comes in handy.

Let’s say you’re a small business specializing in custom leather shoes. Instead of developing an app to show a product catalogue and let users purchase your products, you can add fun and interactive elements to make the app shine. A mobile shoe designer app, for example, will get your brand the recognition it deserves in no time at all.

The same can be said for adding a content section to the app. Using the previous example, you can feed valuable shoe-related content to the app. Tips on how to maintain a pair of suede shoes, reviews of the best suede protective sprays, and other similar content will definitely keep users interested.

A Way to Do Direct Marketing

Once the app is on the market and you have users downloading it to their phones, it is time to take advantage of your new direct marketing channel. Add exclusive, user-only promotional offers and you’ll create a nice buzz around the mobile app while promoting your business at the same time.

A lot of brands have taken this route and gained a lot in return. The popular hotel booking app, for example, regularly pushes exclusive promotional offers to their app users. These offers are not available elsewhere. Once the site’s users began to realize that they could get better special offers through the app, downloads and usage statistics jumped substantially.

Better Customer Engagement

The design of the app is as important as the features it provides. A good mobile design company can help you create the best user experience and maximize engagement. The latter is highly beneficial to small and home businesses for many reasons.

Increasing user engagement means connecting with your customers and app users on a more personal level. Since you’re a relatively small business, you can be very flexible with the way you treat your customers. Added services such as a personalized customer service or live support chat through the app will improve customer engagement a lot.

Mobile apps are also great for increasing user engagement on social media. A lot of small businesses have successfully built a strong social media presence by integrating their social feeds to a successful mobile app. You can, for example, feed photos from your Instagram account to the app.

You can also set the app to aggregate user content that utilizes a certain tag, so your customers can see the photos they post in the app as well. This will definitely encourage users to post more about your brand, creating a nice stream of word-of-mouth promotion that’s good for business.

Get Started!

With all of these benefits to gain, creating a unique and fluid mobile app can be the boost your small business needs. Work with a reputable app developer, design an app that adds value to user interaction with your business and start gaining these advantages in no time.