Running a business and organising your staff and their schedules to achieve the highest level of productivity possible is a key part of having a successful business. It’s vital that you manage to keep your costs low and productivity high so that you get the most from your salaried staff and contractors. Many businesses operate using virtual office services, and it’s becoming even more important that you figure out the best ways to save money through the choices that you make for your office. I want to take a look at some of the key ways in which your business can save time and money by switching to a virtual office space.


1. Your employees are more active

A study that was performed by the University of Sydney found that if you sit at your desk for more than 11 hours a day that it can be hugely problematic for your health. Not to mention this, it also goes a long way towards reducing your efficacy at work. If you work from a virtual space you have more freedom to get up and move around at home or from a co-working space, and this means that it’s better for productivity and your overall work happiness.

2. You’ll have less annual leave

When your staff are able to have flexibility in their work day it means that they have time to do things in their day to day life and can make up the time later if they have to attend a doctor’s appointment or meeting external to work. In the typical nine-to-five environment, workers often have to schedule a whole day off work to attend an appointment or to get something delivered at home. With the virtual office you can simply work as usual and make the time up later.

3. There are far fewer overheads with a virtual space

A virtual office space means that you’re not paying for a bricks and mortar office space, which means that the money you’re saving can be invested elsewhere in growing your business. You can invest the money back into your staff and into training which is a huge benefit to your business and one that will continue to deliver a dividend many times over.

4. Save money on the technology that you use

When you don’t have an office you don’t have printers, scanners, copiers, modems… The list goes on. Suffice to say, you can certainly help your staff out with technology subsidies and software like Adobe Creative Cloud, but you’ll definitely be saving money on the technology that you don’t have to buy.

5. Enjoy greater productivity with your staff

When your employees can work from home and they’re not spending potentially three hours a day commuting, it’s a huge boon for you as you’re engaging with a team that is productive from the moment they start work to the moment they finish. It can be exhausting for your team if they are traveling to and from work, and it makes sense that you maximise their working hours with actual work, rather than travelling around for meetings and the like.


The bottom line is this: if you have a company or business that exists in the digital space, then you should really consider the possibility of moving into a virtual office space. The benefits of having a virtual office space are many and varied, and you will definitely end up saving yourself time and money as you move into the new way of working. If it’s daunting, why not try a split where some of your staff trial working remotely, and monitor it for success. You will most likely be surprised by the results – and probably very pleased, too.