A handwritten Thank You Note from a person does wonders. In this wedding season, there might be a few people who find it extremely hard to discover a proper way of thanking people for their generosity. At times, it is quite difficult when you are at a receiving end because on one end, you have to show your acceptance of the gift gracefully and on the other, you have to make ensure to give an appreciation with your kind gesture. There are thousands of people out there who feel nervous while writing even a simple Thank You Note in a proper way with proper words. It is just because it is an instant task, which is kept on hold until the last minute.


However, if you procrastinate the moment it just makes the whole situation worse because the longer time you take, the more you will become stressed. So, in order to help you all to get well through that anxiety, here I am with a brief guide on how to write a Thank You Note for all the occasions, whether sating a thank you for a gift or for a compliment at your workplace or anywhere. But before moving further, do you think that Thank You Notes are really important? And do you know when Thank You Notes are appropriate? Come On! Let’s find the appropriate answers first.

Do you think Thank You Notes are important?

More than a tradition, Thank You Notes does makes a value to a person who appreciates you as it gives a warm gesture. All-in-all, thank you notes helps in accomplishing different goals, like:

  • A simple way to show your gratitude to someone who has appreciated, you or have done something kind. Whenever a person gifts you something for your birthday or wedding, or for any special occasion, then it means that they are spending their money as well as precious time for you. So, it is important to thank you the person for the gift or compliment you receive. It just takes a moment to show your gratitude.
  • A simple way for keeping the conversation between you two open forever. It simply extends the opportunity window open and this being the major reason why people often send a thank you note to the recruiter after their job interview. While writing a thank you note, it leaves a long-lasting positive impression on your personality and helps in keeping a strained relationship smooth.

The appropriateness of Thank You Notes

You can never say that It’s an inappropriate Thank You Note. Yes, it is the truth! If you really feel to thank someone for a compliment or a gift, then go ahead and do it. Nothing is better than a handwritten Thank You Note.

There are few common situations where a Thank You Note is recommended.

  • While you receive a gift from someone, Thank You Note is expected.
  • After your job interview, just send a Thank You Note showing your gratitude and appreciation for their precious time.
  • When someone comes forward to help you with something important in your personal or professional life. A Thank You Note helps in building powerful terms with the network of people.
  • After establishing a new professional contact, a Thank You Note is important for those contacts which are actually meaningful.

In simple words, a Thank You Note is sent to someone who had a positive impact on your life or has done something for you. Avoid sending many Thank You Notes to a same person because it gets creepy.

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How to write a Thank You Note


  1. Show a certain level of elegance through your HANDWRITTEN thank you note. Just take a paper-pen and start jotting down all your thoughts. If you want to get rid of any mistakes, then you can draft your note on a rough paper. It is advised to write a Thank You Note on an informal stationary because there are certain themes or images which are offensive to a few people.
  2. Make sure you rightly ADDRESS the person in your thank you note. For instance, use the first name if you met your old friend, or a person whom you don’t know well, use Mrs. or Mr. followed by their last name. In your first sentence, write Thank You for followed by an opportunity given or a gift received. The second sentence will include your appreciation for the opportunity or gift and why you liked it or will use it. Next comes in your building the connection between you two. Lastly, end your Thank You Note in a friendly manner. For instance, Thanks Again followed by your signature.

Every person should cultivate the value of saying Thank You, but you will never get a mastery in your gratitude until you don’t know how to express it. Every opportunity must be used for expressing your appreciation for the people who have gifted you something.

One of the best ways of expressing our gratitude is to give those people a handwritten Thank You Note. You just have to set yourself apart from all those uncouth peers and be a skilful, frequent writer who have the knowledge of the how’s and when’s of writing a handwritten Thank you Note.

If you send a Thank You note to someone who has gifted you something or has appreciated you, then it will show your gesture and gratitude which is even expected by the person. If you are writing a personal thank you note, then you have make sure that it must be polite, effective and friendly. On the other hand, for business purposes, your thank you note must be concise and to-the-point.

Many people find it hard just at the beginning of the thank you note, but here I have briefly explained everything about the beginning, the middle part as well as the finishing of your thank you note. Hope I have managed to help you all!