YouTube is The most popular video streaming website, there anyone can create their free account and submit there own videos. there is thousand of videos are available which has uploaded by YouTube users. In the YouTube has many videos like nudity, explicit language or violence and that type of all videos are put under 18+ category and you cannot watch these video without logging in with your YouTube/Google account.

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To sign in with your YouTube account for watching these video, it means you have to verify your age 18 or older. but what if you want to watch a short clip of the video on YouTube and don’t want to create your account with Google or YouTube?

Here’s trick that will allow you to watch 18+ youtube videos without sign in. first of all you have to choose video which you want to watch it without sign in –> copy video URL from the address bar and paste it into input box below and finally click on “Watch Video” button, and then you will be taken to the new tab there you will be able to watch that video without sign in. :)


Hows it works?

This trick involves changing the URL. To view videos without signing in, above tool will change the URL to, by removing watch? and replacing = with /. This will play the video in full screen.