How to update a contact form officially released to blogger


his post is about a contact form updation to your blogger (blogspost) or blog hosted in which is officially released. You Google is upgrading day by day with new interfaces and establishing New features. This time webmaster and bloggers fully satisified I think because they have upgrading so many things which is very useful for them.

All bloggers are aware about wordpress and blogger hosting because all bloggers used according to interface level wordpress is leading but this time the beats the wordpress with new features which is officially released.

They actually updated not only a contact form and also some other widgets like blogger Wikipedia search box, permalinks and also a Google Plus comment box for the blogger.

Previously as users use to html contact form and will be inserted in the widget but now they have released a amazing contact form officially.

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Working of new contact form:

I think people are all ware of that why the contact forms in a blog. So the blogger officially updated contact form is simply superb with a simple interface three columns with name, Email and Message with SEND button. It doesn’t have much styles and unwanted things. The user what they needs that simple things are added in the contact form.

The user has enter his name and Email address and his Query  in the message box and just click on the send button then the query is sent to admin/owner of the blog. After that the admin checks the message or query entered by user and he will reply to him with his email address at the time of send query to admin.

How to add a new contact form to the blogger?

  • Login to Your blogger hosting to your blog
  • Select the blog you want the contact form
  • Click on the More option shown in your blog
  • Select the Layout option shown in the drop down


  • Select Add a gadget where you want to place the contact form


  • After that window is popped up Top Left hand side click the more gadget option
  • You will be shown new option added over there and select contact form New!


  • Click on save button shown in the pop up window


  • Finally Click ‘save Arrangement ‘ on top right hand side


  • Now you had successfully added the contact for to your blog

Contact Form

To see the contact which you added now view you blog and contact form is shown in side you have added.

People love blogger because it has simple interface, SEO friendly, secure and it’s absolutely free! Whereas in wordpress good looking and but we have to add plugin for SEO and the main thing is Paid hosting is needed it’s expensive and we have to take care of our security purposes.

Actually these products are introduced and launched on Google I/O 2013.

 Features of Contact form officially released.

  • Queries are sent easily in the form of text messages
  • For attachments no support is provided
  • Easily you can add a custom CSS
  • You cannot send any types of Html tags or any types of codes.

Google’s new blogger Permalinks

Permalinks all are aware of permalinks right the Google is officially launched and grab your chance to get a first place in Google. Permalinks place a major role because bots like to crawl on keywords if the post has permalink with number or code definitely you will be in lower position to avoid these the Google gifted the permalinks to blogspot bloggers! For blogger users the title should cover with the keywords because we don’t have any other plugin for seo in Blogger right! So to make title as permalink and Index faster we should choose the suitable keyword based title to get in top place.

The product released in Google I/O 2013 gives lots for products to webmasters/ bloggers and making busy. These updates and new products and gadgets make the bloggers to feel secure about their blogs. With these updates most of the wordpress users migrating to blogger hosting and competition level is increasing day by day with these hot topics in the virtual world.