Are you newly married and it is getting difficult for you to handle your wife’s mood that swings almost all the time? Well! It is not anymore that sweet-charming relation like it used to be before marriage? But she is the woman you chose to spend your entire life with and don’t you adore your wife? Of course, you do, I’m ten percent sure! Now the basic problem that almost every husband face after marriage is Understanding. To Understand Your Wife is now the biggest problem that you are facing if I’m not wrong. No worries! Here is a solution to all your problems. Yes! If you are facing this issue, then you have landed at the right place. Here we have come up with the best solution on How to Understand Your Wife?


Understanding your wife isn’t really that difficult. All women want to get a little affection, love, and care from their husbands. But sometimes, it gets a little difficult for the men to express their love for their wives. Love and friendship are what they want- before or after marriage. However, it is easier to say than done. Let us not waste any more time and read below to find out How to Understand Your Wife?

10 Tips to Understand Your Wife:

Making a marriage more than successful, all you need is to understand each other well. Now understanding a woman can be a little difficult for the husband. Here are the top 10 tips that will surely help you in understanding your wife in a better way.

#1. Celebrate Your Marriage:

If you want to make your marriage a successful one, then the first and the foremost thing that you should keep in mind is to celebrate your marriage. Yes! Celebrating your marriage every day will keep your relationship alive and you won’t get bored easily. To get the love and care of your wife, you need to work really hard and earn it with your love.

To make your wife happy, spend a little time with her. Suppose take her to a candle night dinner and give her a surprise. Another thing that you can do to celebrate your marriage is to do those little things such as wearing her favorite color shirt, cooking for her etc.

#2. Saying “I Love You” Will Not Take Much:

To make your wife happy will not take more than a little effort. Yes! All women want to be assured that they are loved by their men. To express your feelings for your wife is the last thing you can do to keep your marriage alive.

Saying an “I Love You” to your wife can make her day. Believe it or not but these three words are more than enough to make her smile all day long. Even if your wife gets angry on you, these three magical words can save your life. Only if you don’t know expressing your love can strengthen your bond with your partner.

#3. Trust Is The Key To Success:

Do you know what is the most important thing in a relationship before or after marriage? Well! It is nothing less than TRUST. Yes! This four letters word can hold a strong impact on your marriage. If you want to gain her trust, then you need to trust her entirely at first.

Have faith in her and show her how much you believe in her capabilities. Try to support her decisions and choices. And by doing all these, you will surely gain her trust on you. And the best part is that now that she trusts you, she will be able to tell her heart out in front of you without any worries.

#4. Cheating On Your Partner Is A Big NO-NO:

If you really want a healthy marriage, then cheating is a big NO-NO. Cheating anybody will not only ruin your marriage but will also ruin two lives. Yes! Nobody likes to get cheated not even your wife. Think once or twice before you cheat her. What if she does the same with you? Won’t it be good right? So what makes you cheat her?
Once you understand that it is time for you to ask yourself what is making you cheat her? Yes! Once you get to know what is making you cheat her, try to solve that problem and then you will not think to cheat her anymore.

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#5. Never To Take Her For Granted:

How will you feel if she takes you for granted? Certainly Bad right? So you shouldn’t as well take her for granted. You should always ask and not command. Nobody likes to live with a person who tries to set certain standards. A husband who treats her wife like a Queen is the real King. Be proud to treat her like a King and you will certainly feel the difference in your relationship.

#6. Comparing Your Wife With Any Other Women Is A Big No:

Do you often compare your wife with other women? Well! Then you are doing it all wrong. Let her understand her own faults and if she is not understanding, then try to make her understand in a different way but not by drawing parallels publicly. Nobody likes to live lives of another person. And if a wife finds her husband comparing her with any other women, then she will not take it lightly and is bound to get hurt.

Think what will happen if your wife starts comparing you with any other men? Won’t it be a good thing, right?

#7. Communicate More:

Solution to every problem is Communication. The more you communicate with your wife, the more it will become easy for you to understand her. Try to know her more and let her open her heart in front of you. Just listen to her carefully and you will see the difference in your relationship. Never find faults within the other person. That only spoils the whole conversation and the quality of the relationship.

#8. Nothing Is Perfect In This Universe:

When two people fall in love magic happens and we have been hearing this from the time we understood what love is. However, love doesn’t happen in-between two perfect people, rather it happens between two normally imperfect people. Don’t expect your wife to be perfect as you are not also perfect. Hence, try to love her with her imperfection and if you want her to be perfect, then you should complete her imperfections. Try to accept her the way she is and don’t impose something on her. This will surely make her love you even more.

In this big world, nobody is perfect. Everybody comes with some of the other flaws. To stand by your wife and supporting her and accepting her with her flaws will not only make your relationship stand out but will also strengthen your bond with her.

#9. Giving Respect Is A Must:

If you want to gain respect, then you need to give respect first. Likewise, you are having a particular choice of color, food, brands etc; she too can have it as well. Remember that every time you fail to recognize her favorite food while having a dinner or you forget her favorite color while doing some shopping, you will definitely make her feel less important.

Respect can be earned and one can’t simply buy it. Love her, respect her and you will surely have a happy and successful marriage life without any doubt.

#10. Quarrels and Arguments Are Common In Every Relationship:

Well! To keep a healthy relationship with your wife, one of the most important to keep in mind is to not to take quarrels and arguments seriously. Yes! If you are in a relationship be it any kind of relationship, it is not mandatory to be a marriage or love relationship, it can be anything, quarrels and argument is a must. Only when you fight, you come closer. Remember this and I’m sure you will not face any more problem in your relationship.

Ensure you should not stretch any fight for a long time. Try to forget what had happened for that time and everything will be fine.


Marriage is a beautiful relationship between the wife and the husband. It is the bond that is created by the unconditional love. However, if it becomes a little messy for you because of the understanding problem, the only solution to this is to express your love for your wife. The more you will express your feelings for her, the more she will love you back. It is absolutely wrong that women are complicated. No! Women aren’t. Words aren’t enough all the time and you need to understand that. Being a husband it is your duty to make your wife feel comfortable while she is with you. Likewise, the problem will be solved easily.