I’m sure you have noticed in Facebook, another good beeping feature for notifying us, when we not actually viewing the Facebook screen, so, you opened another website at the same time using Facebook, and if your friend or anyone, comment or likes or do any kind of activity then you will get a beep sound that will notify you that someone done something on Facebook, so if you don’t like this feature and you think that it’s disturbing you and you just need to stop it then just follow the simple steps below.

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Firstly go to facebook.com–>Your profile—>Click on the small gear icon on top right of the page, and Choose account settings from the list.

Facebook Account Settings

Now you will be taken to the account setting page just choose notifications head, then under on facebook option you need to unchecked that sound beep notification option and finally click on “Save Changes” button,
Facebook Beeping SoundNow you you have done, no sound will disturb you and if you want to enabled it again then just check that option. :) Check out more facebook tricks and tips click here !