Previously i posted a post about Facebook launched verify profile and pages features, it’s very useful for us to easily decide that which profile or page is real and which is fake. Few months ago, Facebook has also launched follow feature to allow us to following people on Facebook to see their public updates in news feed. before verify feature, we’ve followed many fake celebrities profiles and pages on Facebook, but now we can easily conform that which profile or page is real to follow them. now if you noticed that you’ve followed fake celebrity’s profile then Facebook also allows you to unfollow them, and report it. So, Whenever you want to follow any celebrities on Facebook then make sure there present blue colored verified mark, Like this-> So, today we will discuss on how to turn off or turn on follow in Facebook, because sometimes we don’t like that someone follow us and see our all updates on their news feed, so let’s start with how to enable/turn on follow feature in Facebook.

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Simply go to Facebook –> Your profile —>Click on the small gear icon on top right of the page, and Choose privacy settings from the list.
Privacy Settings
Now you will be taken to the privacy settings page,  just choose “Followers” head, then under on “Turn On Follow” you need to check it to turn on follow, or you want to turn off then just unchecked it to turn off follow that’s it.

TickIf you don’t want follow feature in your Facebook account then simply unchecked button to turn off follow, when you checked the button that mean you have turned on follow and you can also set up that who can comment on your public posts, where you can choose only friend or friends of friends or everyone, as you like, also you have option to get notify when someone follow you but all option will shows when you have turned on follow, so now it’s you can decide that what you want, do you want follow feature? don’t you? :D