If you are planning to start a KFC franchise in India, then it would be one of the best as well as a successful business ventures. KFC is a US-based Kentucky Fried Chicken which has managed to gain popularity over the last decade not only in India but all over the world. It came from Yum! Brands and we are well aware of the fact that the fast food franchises in India tend to perform quite well. Not only KFC, Dominos and McDonalds are the topmost famous brands in the fast food industry.

KFC is serving the people with its tasty finger licking chicken since 1930. And there is no deny to the fact that KFC is the king of Chicken food as it has maximum outlets globally. It is a complete non-veg fast-food restaurant. Also, there are a number of food items which have been made into a bucket system by KFC and have been attracting more customers. Most of the people know the fact that when a person talks about KFC, then they are basically referring to the Chicken Bucket.

The people love for KFC is immense and its policy is what making people happy being associated with it. The taste of the crisp fried chicken is the major reason behind its popularity among the masses. So, a brand with such a strong popularity is something which can earn your profits, if you successfully get its franchise. KFC is famous across every part of India and thus having a KFC franchise is very beneficial which will come with huge profits.


What makes KFC so much demandable?

KFC was started by Harland Sanders in 1930 in the United States and since then it is one of the most loved and popular fast-food brands among people. Though the name KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) was introduced little later, but it got famous as KFC only all around the world. Around the year 1964, KFC was sold to Jr. John Y. Brown and Jack C. Massey and the reason was the growing age of Harland Sanders, not that it failed in satisfying its customers.

KFC was already an established business when it was sold off with more than 500 outlets and was growing more. After this, KFC never looked behind and continue its journey to be more successful as well as managed to become the World’s Biggest Fried Chicken Selling Brand. Currently, KFC has the 2nd-largest restaurant chain in the world with more than 22,000 outlets. And they have no plans to stop it here because they are trying to make it bigger. So, getting a KFC franchise would be beneficial, easy and profitable.

KFC promises their customers with the best services which is one of the major reasons behind its popularity. And this is also one of the reasons that KFC doesn’t approve for a franchise easily because they ensures the best for their customers. What actually made KFC the most popular fast-food brand is its RECIPE, which holds the charm. From the day 1, KFC has managed to keep its recipe a secret so as to make sure that no one can make chicken that good. And now, no one knows how and what is the exact recipe of KFC chicken. Thus, KFC stands ahead of its competitors.
The love for KFC is increasing everyday and thus it is good chance to get a franchise which would be more profitable.

What do you need?

KFC approves the franchise application of only those people who fulfill certain requirements as this ensures that the customers will get the best from this brand. So, here are the requirements and the investment amount which need to be fulfilled in order to get your KFC franchise application approved.

  • Investment cost can range from 1.5 crore to 2 crores (depending on the location)
  • You need $2,000,000 according to the US as franchise cost
  • You need $30,000 according to the US as franchise fee
  • 5% royalty fee will also be taken from the total sales you make

These are the requirements which you must fulfill if you want to have a KFC franchise. Although it may seem that the investment is quite a huge one, but according to the popularity of the brand, you can easily match the equation in 2 to 3 years. Not only this, even the agreement is signed for 20 years which is quite a good option to earn more profit after equalizing with the investment money. Most of the owners try their best to get their invested money back in the least time and then they get back to grow really quick. Furthermore, if your franchise store is at a prime location then you can expect a huge profit.

How to Apply for Franchise and Dealership?

Now, you really need to be careful here because you have to impress them in the first attempt itself. Visit the official KFC website, Click on ‘Alliance with Us’ which is available in the footer and click on Franchise. After this, a form will open which you need to fill and submit with the correct details along with a reason as to why you want to have a KFC Franchise. You really have to be careful with your words because it is the best way to impress them and get your application approved.

Just be specific and professional with your words which can impress the person choose your application over the others. After submitting the form, you can expect a reply mail from Yum! Restaurants India’s Deputy Manager.

You can even contact them using the address below:

Mr. Vishal Razdan,
Deputy Manager – Business Development
Yum! Restaurants International,
12th Floor, Tower-D,
Global Business Park,
Gurgaon -122002,
Email: franchisee.india@yum.com

What after applying for Franchise?

You just have to keep yourself ready with the investment money as you never know when your franchise application can get approved. The employees and the manager have to go through the training sessions which ensure that the customers will get the same kind of attitude from the staff. It is really important to have a well-behaved staff for ensuring a good relationship with the customers. The time for the training sessions depends on KFC. If you really have to run KFC franchise successfully, then you also have to attend the training sessions as well, which is mandatory.

KFC has managed to be one of the successfully growing fast-food restaurants and the taste of the chicken foods is absolutely making people fall in love with it. In not much of the time, KFC has managed to gain immense popularity in India and thus, it is beneficial to have a franchise.