Building a profitable blog isn’t easy, but it’s quite a challenging task. Most of the people quit their blogging journey within the first 3 months itself. And we are well aware of innumerable blogs which are going live every day. So, it is kind of an impossible thing for a person to start with a zero reputation to a profitable blog. But, everyone does start from zero only. Am I right?

This article is only for those people who are searching for the methods to create a profitable blog. If you think that building a profitable blog is a rocket science, then it is not. Just have a look at any of the top earning blogs and there you will notice that why they are actually successful. They are successful because of their incoming traffic, lot of shares and incoming links.

This is it, people! This is what you need to follow if you want to have a profitable blog. But do you know how to start it and how to blog for money? Today, here I will be sharing some of the best tips which can help you in building a successful as well as a profitable blog. If you are not aware of how to make a profitable blog, then come on, let’s have a deep dive into the details about it.


Increasing the Website Traffic

The blogs which are popular and successful gets a lot of traffic from the search engines. So, if you really want to build a great and a profitable blog, then you need to focus on increasing the website traffic. You can even lookout at the most popular Indian blogs which includes PageRank, blog owner and Alexa. So, in order to increase the website traffic here are few ways which includes:

  • The main focus should be on the SOCIAL SHARES. You need to share the content on multiple social media sites including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The more you share, the more people will visit your website and thus increasing the website traffic. And it is really important to write great and persuading headlines of your blog posts in order to attract more people to your website. You must also provide your readers with easy sharing options for your blog posts.

  • It is a must to research for the KEYWORDS and use the long tail keywords before writing the blog posts. The main key for increasing the website traffic is SEO (search engine optimization) which isn’t possible without focusing on the keywords.

  • Search for the other blogs based on your niche and WRITING the BLOG POSTS for them. In order to build your online reputation, it is important to engage with your peers.

  • For letting people know about your blog, then the best way is the BLOG COMMENTING. In order to start coming on the blogs, you need to find the blog which uses CommentLuv plugin. Avoid commenting just in two lines or so. If you really want to increase your website traffic, then do leave thoughtful and helpful comments.

Reaching out to more people

When it is about building an online profitable blog, the major key to it is the NETWORKING. If people don’t know you, then they won’t buy the stuff from you. The major way for increasing the sales and the brand awareness is through networking. You have to reach out to all the people, every influencer in your niche and try connecting with them for building healthy relationships as well as for sharing your stuff over social media networks. So, in order to learn about how to reach out to more people, here are few strategies which can help you in building strong relationships with the bloggers which include:

  • Joining the SEMINARS and attending the WEBINARS which are taking place or happening around your place or city.

  • Do participate in the FORUM DISCUSSIONS which can help you in connecting well with other bloggers.

  • You can SEARCH for the INFLUENCER in your niche on twitter and start following them. FOR GRABBING THEIR ATTENTION, just retweet or comment on their tweets frequently.

  • You can even SEND EMAILS to people when you find something interesting to share with them. You can even let people know about the broken links on their websites. This will help you in building stronger relationships.

Launching your own Products

The best way to making a profitable blog is by selling and launching your own information products. Most of the bloggers focus on the methods for earning quickly rather than on making a passive income streamed blog. If you really want to build a better and a profitable blog, then all you need to do is to launch your own products which are useful for the people in solving their problems. While launching the information products, you just need to keep few things in mind for more sales, like:

  • You need to make a SPECIFIC LIST OF SUBSCRIBERS who are ready to buy stuff from you. It is one of the best ways for increasing the product sales.

  • You can even TAKE HELP from those people who are selling information products to earn money from their blogs.

  • For every successful sale, you must give 80% affiliate COMMISSION to the people who promote your products.

Building your own Email List

The best asset anyone can create or build is to have the email list. The biggest mistake by most of the successful bloggers is not building their own email list from day 1. And if you look at the top bloggers with their incomes, then you will get to know that they are earning majorly from their email lists. So, if you really want to have a profitable blog, then don’t forget to maintain an email list of your own from the very beginning.

You can boost the email sign ups by offering an incentive and also ensure about sending the useful newsletters to the people. Avoid pitching the products to the subscribers too often or else they will end up unsubscribing. Here are few effective email list building tips which can help you in earning from your blog easily.

  • You can give the visitors a FREEBIE as a bribe which can be the infographics, eBooks, etc. and this can actually attract more visitors ending up signing up to the newsletters.

  • If you want to attract the right people then you must focus on the CONTENT UPGRADES. You can turn your post as a PDF or you can provide the visitors with a freebie. It is the easiest way of building an email list.

  • In order to get more conversions, you can use the LANDING PAGES.

  • For turning the visitors into subscribers easily, you can build your credibility by showcasing the testimonials.

Ultimately, it has been proved that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. It is not impossible to start a profitable blog from zero because if you are really passionate about it, then you can do it. You just need to consider blogging as a platform for spreading your message by reaching out to people. What else is important for your blogging success is your CONSISTENCY. You will be able to find numerous opportunities if you will try putting extra hours to your blog.

Yes, you can do it, guys. Now, you can have your own profitable blog. So, just start a blog which can earn you money.