The question “How to start a conversation with a girl on Facebook or WhatsApp” has been one of the most popular questions which generally pops up in the mind of most of the guys and even we do understand it well. We are surrounded with numerous dating apps and dating websites which have driven us completely and ha snow become a common thing to say, “I met my love/girlfriend online”. Isn’t it? Do you agree with me? Obviously guys. Nowadays people in a such a weird way when they get to know that finally you met your girl without any help of the modern technology. There are millions of women out there who still hope to find their armor knight riding on a white horse through dating apps and online dating websites.

If you are a girl, then even your “Hi” will get a quick reply, but if you are a boy, then do you know how to start a conversation with a girl on Facebook or WhatsApp? If you think that saying those cheesy lines to the girl you like will do wonders, then it is not and thus, it means that it is difficult to get her high. So, here we are today with the best ways to start a conversation with a girl on Facebook or WhatsApp.

Be honest and self-deprecating

It has been surveyed around the online social networking sites that those men who use the words like ‘awkward‘, ‘sorry‘ and ‘apologize‘ in their conversations have more chances to get successful in impressing a girl online. Just avoid forcing yourself to be a William Wordsworth, if you are not good, ignore it. It will show how humble you are.

Ask a Question

The best thing to do in order to ensure yourself with a reply is to ask a question. Asking questions from a girl will increase your chances to get a reply back. Just avoid making statements in your conversations because those statements won’t help in evoking a conversation with the girl. Just start and end your conversation with a question so that at least she take a heed to reply you back.

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Talk about Common Interests

After checking out the girl’s profile or if you know anything common between you two, then bring that up during your conversation with her online. Don’t just waste a huge opportunity. If you will talk about the common interests, it will increase the chances of getting a quick reply from her. It will even help her in knowing and trusting your intentions.

Give her compliment

No! No! just don’t give her compliments about her looks or personality, but do it correctly. Just use the words ‘fascinating’, ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ rather than using ‘gorgeous’, ‘hot’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘sexy’. Avoid loading her with more compliments as it will show your playful behaviour. (Learn more: How to Compliment a girl)

Mirror her personality

Most of the people out there like a company of those people who are similar to them in one or the other way. Just go deep into her profile and learn what you will be going to say to her and how. If her status and pictures look funny, then you can go by a funny opener for the conversation or if she seems to be a straightforward girl, then go with a straightforward liner.

Mention something specific

What I mean to say is that be specific about her profile when you say something to her. If you will keep on sending the same message to every girl online, then it won’t help. So be specific about her profile and mention the things which make her stand out uniquely among other girls. You can use words like ‘good taste’, ‘noticed that’, ‘zombie’ and much more.

Avoid being a NetSpeaker

Yes, I do agree to the fact that we all are busy with our lives, but that doesn’t mean the words which you use with your siblings, friends and colleagues, like ‘Wat’, ‘Ur’ and ‘Luv’ will work while a conversation with a girl. Ok! You can use the words ‘LOL’ or ‘haha’, but show her that you are a literate person.

Keep your message short and sweet

The most important part of your conversation is to keep your first message short and sweet ending with a question. The message should peak her interest so that she care a little to reply you back. So, keep it short.

Give her a reason to reply

Just give the girl a reason to reply to your message and if you share your similar interests with her or mention something specific about her profile or do not act to be a netspeaker, then she would surely give you a reply back quickly.

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We don’t give 100% guarantee that these tips will work every time, yet surely we would say that these are good ways to start a conversation with a girl on Facebook or WhatsApp. Use these tactics to impress a girl online and be a gentleman by opening the doors for her. Now, it’s time to start a conversation with a girl on Facebook or WhatsApp, wherever you wish too.