Ever thought of spying over your nontechie lover? I have been receiving some requests asking about how to spy on your partner. So, is there a way? Previously, we only had one way of spying on the people, and that is through the spy apps which can be installed on our laptops, computers or smartphones. But now, we have another way of spying over our nontechie lover, and that is through the Google My Activity.


Recently, it has been speculated that Google gathers all the data about you which is not just news, but it’s an actual truth. No matter whether you are using your YouTube channel or Gmail, Chrome across the platforms or Google keyboard on your Android smartphone or whatever you do, Google is handling the information through its new portal, My Activity. Some of you might not know about My Activity portal, so let us talk in brief about it here.

Google collects all your data in the My Activity portal which is a one-stop-shop. It not only scares the user by its data collection but even allows the user to have control over the information. But all you need is to have a good portion of your time. It retains all the data which you have browsed, and it’s revealing. My checking out what Google has kept about you will help you in learning a lot about yourself.

Some people think that My Activity portal is all about the information, but it is not. It is even about control as well. You can only work through the list and delete the data which you don’t want Google to retain it. It is incredibly lengthy and takes a lot of time, but yes, you can filter your search.

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Coming back to our main discussion, how to spy on your nontechie lover. I think that it would be better to talk about how to spy using Google’s My Activity.


You can gift a smartphone to your lover on his or her birthday or any particular day. You can create a Google account for them which you can sync with your or their smartphone. Once they start using the Google products and services, you can make sure to keep a check on them using My Activity portal through your device anytime and anywhere.

Ah! This is all what I think. But you can think more out of this idea. You can you’re your lover’s Google account password anyhow and get the account synced on your device to keep a note about all the activities.

Other than this, we have some apps which we can use to spy on a nontechie lover without them knowing about it. Some of the known tracking software includes MaxxSpy, Cell Tracker, Ear Spy, Spy Message and much more.

If you have knowledge about the Google My Activity portal which can be used for spying on a lover or any other person, then drop us a mail about the same.