Facebook Chat is a rage these days and to appear unique and engaging in conversation is what all we want. Using the default Emoticons available in Facebook Library in chat won’t be enough in such case so, here’s how you can send Photos / Images in FB Chat.

You should be happy now to know that its possible to send Images to make Facebook Chatting more fun without need of any external plugin or web browser extension. Simply, follow the steps and you can use any image as Emoticon in Facebook Chat.

How to send Photos on FB Chat

  • Choose the picture / image you want to send on chat and upload it on any image hosting site. Dropbox’s Public folder is recommended.
  • Open a Notepad file and paste the following code:
    < !DOCTYPE html>
<meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type">
<title>Making Different FB Chat</title>
<meta name="og:image" content=""/>
  • In <title> you can put anything but in content, it should be the URL of the image file you placed in Dropbox Public Folder. To get the Image URL, right click on image and in “Dropbox” >> Copy Public Link.
  • Save this notepad file as *.htm For example: fb-chat.htm and save it in same public folder. This file can be even uploaded to any webserver allowing to host HTML pages.
  • Go to Facebook Debugger Tool and paste the Public link of the HTML file we uploaded in previous step.


  • Result will be somewhat like shown below:
  • And copy the number at the end of URL.

Now you are all set to use the Emoticon in Facebook chat. If the number is 10151092682598135, then write [[10151092682598135]] in Chat window and send.

This was all about sending any custom image as emoticon / smiley on Facebook.

 How to Send Profile Picture as Emoticon on Facebook Chat

This trick, I spotted on SoluteForum which also works on above technique but doesn’t include uploading image as profile pictures are already on Facebook.
You just need the Profile ID of the person whose profile photo is to be used as Emoticon in Chat. Profile ID is the number in the URL of the account which looks like this.

So, enter this ID inside double brackets and send.

Some profiles these days have Vanity URL like so, instead of ID, use the username inside brackets. For ex: [[nitzzzzzzzzzzz]]

It should be noted that the image sent will be 16x16px irrespective of the size of image you send.