Schedule your post maybe useful, if you have written any post on some topic but you won’t to publish right away, then you can easily schedule that post to be published at any time on any future date. Blogger/Blogspot provide you with a way to do it, then you don’t need pay money to any 3rd party service to get it working :)
So, this is great service is not new in blogger, but i want to post all type of tips and ways of  blogging in this blog, then it may be helpful for newbie bloggers as well, In your blogger you have the option to schedule your post to be published on any future date at any time, you can schedule post like tomorrow or maybe after one week or one month as you want.

How to Scheduling Post’s in Blogger

Schedule Posts

  1. Go to blogger—> New post
  2. Now after written your post you can see schedule post option at right.
  3. There you will see current time you are posting, so, choose and set date and time on which you want to post.
  4. Now you can write other posts and you will see the post automatically published on the date and time as you set up.

So, hope you find this helpful, specially for newbie blogger, who has recently entered in this blogging world :)