Sometimes it is really quite hard to express our gratitude towards boss or manager. It is really a complicated question, if we ask ourselves that why we feel like that, yet the answer is unknown.But, if your boss or manager actually helps you in growing your career, don’t he deserve a thank you from you? Yes, it is obvious that a simple Thank You won’t work for the favors he did for you, yet try to find the perfect ways of thanking your manager or boss. If you are confused in deciding whether to send an email or a card with a thank you note, then you need not to fret. Here, I am with the best solution to all your confusions.

Why Thank You is important?

Most of the people think that saying thank you to your boss or manager is not really important as they do what is actually their job, and even they don’t do it for free. But, think about it deeply, and then only you will realize that your bosses and managers are the people who are always after our life because they want us to manage the time well and work in a better way. Only we get the real benefit from that. Bosses and Managers are also humans like us, who also love to hear the appreciation at times so that they realize that their effort doesn’t go unnoticed. A simple Thank You to your boss or manager is similar to a feedback, which makes them realize that you actually respect them as they help you in growing in your career. Your boss or manager significantly helps you in excelling at your job. [Also see: Why Saying Thank You is Important and How To Do It]


Reasons to say Thank You to your boss or manager

There are numerous reasons for which you can say Thanks to your boss or manager. Some reasons might sound silly, yet it is just showing your gratitude and respect towards them. For instance, if your vacation is pending for the approval for long, then saying thank you is reasonable. Saying Thank You helps in making your boss or manager realize the fact that you appreciate their moves and adds value to your life. Think over the situation, if you work hard at your office to make your clients happy, then you would also want your work to be appreciated or get noticed. In the same situation, if your boss makes you happy for granting you the permission for some personal commitments, then it would be nice to appreciate their effort too. Other reasons include, assigning a new project or a new training program, recommending for the promotion or listening to your views and giving them some importance in the decisions and much more. None of these reasons are silly for thanking your boss or manager, though at first instance they seem so. So, guys, just prepare yourself for thanking your boss or manager and take the same as an advantage to boost your career.

Right words to say thanks to a boss or manager

Boss, I owe to you for always supporting me and showing me the right path. Thanks to you.
It is an honor to work with you. It is a pleasure experience of working for you. I will truly treasure the same throughout. Thank You Boss.
Thanks Boss for always showing me the right path by converting my skills to the strengths, pressure into the productivity and bringing out the best in me.
Thank you boss for always putting our needs ahead of your own and on the company. You gave us the best work experience under your guidance.
I won’t be lying to you, but it is only your support, which helps me in looking forward to a new day at work. Thank You Boss.
You are not only my boss, but you are my inspiration, a philosopher and a guide, who supported me throughout. Thanks Boss.

Ways to say thanks to a boss or manager

There are multiple ways of thanking your boss or manager, but the best message, the best appreciation comes from your heart. And while doing it, you need to keep few points in your mind for avoiding the mistakes.

  1. Be Sincere and Direct
    You need to be sincere if you are planning to thank your boss or manager because then only your boss will feel it, sense it. Also, remember to thank your manager or boss in a direct way, which will give more effect on them.
  2. Personal approval
    You need to take out a little time out of your busy schedule and write down a Thank you note by yourself for your manager or boss. It is a little effort to be appreciated and remind yourself if your boss had self-written appreciation note for you. Be it the same feeling and make them realize that you actually appreciate their support and work.
  3. Specific Accomplishments
    Remember not to generalize the matter of your thank you note and try to be specific. It will help your boss or manager understand the reason for which they have been appreciated. Try to give certain accomplishment in your thank you note, which will be much appreciated.
  4. Bonus Point
    Your boss or manager might think that they hadn’t done much for you, yet just let them know that their little support helped you in achieving the best of your life. Just show them how much you value their work and modesty.
  5. Return the favor
    While writing a thank you note, just remember to let them know that you will always available to them anytime, whenever they would need your assistance. Mentioning about the same on your Thank You note will help you in maintaining a good rapport.

While saying thank you to your boss or manager, it means that you value the relationship you both share as well as whatever they did for you. Also, they are your teacher and more of a guide, who helped you in choosing the right path and chasing your dreams.