Teachers are those people in the life of the students, who influence and inspire them the most. Yet, the teaching profession remains one of the most under-appreciated professions in the world. It is because the social value of the teachers often goes unrecognized. No matter, whether you want to express your gratitude to your teachers in school or college or sports or anywhere, that should be considered to be the most worth to do. Say Thank You teacher for whatever he or she did for you throughout, it will show their impact on your life. After family, teachers play an important role in shaping our lives and even make us learn more that those boring subjects. They actually teach us how to live our life. So, a simple “Thank You” is not enough for everything they do for us. But, saying thank you to a teacher is the last thing, which we can do to show our respect and gratitude towards them.

Role of a teacher

Who is a teacher? Though it is a simple question, yet the answer is quite difficult. But, in simple words, a teacher is a parent, who is loving as a mother, strict as a father, caring as a friend. The teacher is someone who gives us the support and strength, a beautiful human being with a warm heart, who teach us the discipline and the way to live our life. They are the mentors, the role models for every student. But, did you ever care to thank or appreciate them for whatever they did for you? It might be the case that you never got a chance to thank them. But, you really need not to wait for the right time and just take it now. Don’t hesitate in appreciating or thanking your teacher, who has been the pillar and an epitome of support and strength to you. Teachers help us in exposing ourselves to the real world outside and help in preparing ourselves to live. Thus, we do owe them a simple “Thank You” at least to show the respect and gratitude.


Come On! Let’s find the right words to appreciate our teachers.

Right words to appreciate your teacher

I just want to thank you a million times, that God made me your student. You are the one who gave me support and strength for making my dreams come true.
You mean a world to me Teacher. Thanks to you for guiding me throughout to achieve my dreams.
Thanks for giving me strength to face and fight all the challenges which came as a barrier between me and my dreams. You were the one who gave me strength and courage in leading.
Thank you so much teacher for giving me all the courage, strength and support throughout. You will be always missed and remembered.
You are my inspiration who helped me in achieving my goal and made me realize about my capabilities. Thanks to you teacher.
You not only just taught me, but mentored me throughout. I feel grateful to call myself your student. Thanks to you my teacher.
With your guidance, everything seems to be so easy and simple. You are the one who made me literate and filled me with strength and confidence to never lose my hope. You taught me how to fly high and gave me wings.
You are not just my teacher, but you are my guide, a friend and a philosopher, who stood by my side even in my bad times. You punished me for every wrong I did and you praised me for every good. You have always remained fair in your decisions and you were always there when I needed you.
You have been one of the most influential persons in my life, who helped in realizing my dreams. Thank you so much my teacher.
You are the one who gave me support, success and strength. I find myself lucky to have a guide and a philosopher like you, who made me a better human being.
What all I achieved is because of you. The person I am today is just because of you. If I would not findyou, I would have been lost in my life and from my aim. You are the one who showed me the right path. Thanks to you my teacher.

Numerous teachers out there don’t get the respect and appreciation for whatever they do and deserve. Most of them dedicate their lives in their teaching profession, yet get unrecognized. They don’t do it for money, but they do it for a praise. They give us knowledge because they want a difference in our society. They just put a stamp on their students as they believe that they will bring a change to this world. We cannot understand all the ways in which our teachers have actually benefited us and had a great impact on our lives. You will agree with me that we all had teachers, whether in school or college or at any institute, who inspired us in making ourselves a better person.

Those teachers deserve our praise and a simple Thank You can do wonders. There are numerous ways of appreciating our teachers and make them feel special and appreciated. Our Thank You message makes them feel more confident and a much better. So, it is our duty to take out a little time from our busy lives to say thank you to our teachers.

After all, everything a teacher does is for us. But, sometimes, we often find it hard to choose the right words to thank them. Teachers are those people who help us in shaping our minds and helps in achieving our dreams. There are no right words in our dictionary for expressing our gratitude for our teachers, who make a huge difference to our lives for making us a better person. If you want to thank your teacher, you have to think about what all they did to change you personally and how they helped you in making your life worth to live in.