The phrase “I’m Sorry” is simple, yet the hardest one for us to say. We easily utter this simple phrase quite frequently as a response to all the daily trivial matters. For instance, when we accidentally jostle a stranger somewhere while shopping or on the road or sometimes giving a wrong change to the shopkeeper. But while being into some important matters, we always find ourselves choking with this simple, yet a hard phrase “I’m Sorry”. If you don’t have an ability to apologise for your mistakes, then it will simply ruin your relationship with your loved ones, whether at home or at work. If you really want to move on and be a mature person, then you have to learn a proper way to apologize for your mistakes.


Before moving forward, let me ask you a few simple questions. Have you ever thought that why we don’t apologize for our mistake? Do you know when to apologize? Wait! Wait! Wait! You need not to confuse yourself. I am here with all the answers.

Why we don’t apologize?

  • Apologizing is not only hard for men, but harder for women as well. Still, as compared to women, men find apologizing a difficult task. Apologizing involves the admitting your faults and it is quite hard to accept that we are actually messed up and we made a mistake. Because what’s gotten in, our way is our PRIDE.
  • We feel EMBARRASS when we let our loved ones down or hurt them unintentionally. We often feel stupid because we mess up everything royally and had done something knowing its consequences. Pretending that nothing has happened makes up feel embarrassed and stupid.
  • Sometimes we do feel that though we did wrong with the other person, but the other person too made a mistake of offending us and thus our ANGER ruins our relationship and we cannot able to apologize.
  • Lastly, the one thing which stops us from apologizing for our mistakes is HUMILITY, which makes us feel that we are always right, but we do mess up at times.

When to apologize?

  • Be quick in apologizing for your mistakes because waiting for long will only build resentment on both the sides and it will become hard for you to take the first move.
  • Apologize even even someone has not caught you because you are only one who owns your mistakes. So, handle yourself in a right way.

How to Apologize for your mistake?

Finally, coming back to how to apologize and say “I’m Sorry” for your mistakes, here I will be sharing a few points which will definitely help you guys.

  • Apologizing is a hard task, but if you can’t say it, just write it on a piece of paper. If you are unable to apologize to a person to whom you have hurt means that your pride is preventing you. Apologizing face-to-face for your mistakes is ideal, but if you really can’t do it, then it is better to write a short note or a letter for expressing your apologies in a concise manner.
  • Use humour wherever it is applicable and appropriate to use because it can help in breaking-off the tension between the two and even can make that person laugh to whom you have hurt. Let me repeat it again, use humour appropriately because cracking jokes after your break-up can fully ruin your relationship forever.
  • The major rule of apologizing to someone for your mistake is to be sincere while doing that because insincere apologies shows the lack of your ability to accept your fault.
  • Avoid making excuses while apologizing to a person and take the complete responsibility. Making excuses easily and completely ruins the relationship and the person will not see your sincerity in your confession.
  • Make the person realize that you seriously understand the whole situation and express your understanding that it’s your fault and you take the responsibility of all the consequences of all your actions. If you really don’t know at which point you are wrong and why you are apologizing, then it would seem that you are forcing yourself to apologize.
  • The apology process is incomplete without offering the restitution. So, make it up for your misdeed, though not possible always, yet you can try rectifying or fixing it.
  • Once, after giving a sincere apology, just move on. What I mean to say is that don’t apologize again and again. Don’t just lose your self-respect and ruin your relationship in the long-run.

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“I’m Sorry” is a phrase which we desperately want to hear always, but choke when its our time to say it. Just hug the person and apologize for your mistakes because it is nice to accept your faults and doing something special for your love.