“I LOVE YOU” seems to be three little words, yet the most difficult one to say. Most of the people find it hard saying these three words to the person they love. It is not possible that you like someone and don’t get butterflies in your tummy when you see them. You feel that your world is full and brighter when your crush is around. There are many times when you try to hide your feelings from your love because you are scared of confronting them. It is easy to let the person know that you love them directly. But how to say I love you to a girl indirectly?

So, how to say I Love You to a girl indirectly? Sometimes we like someone and eagerly wait for the right time to come so that we can tell our feelings to the person whom we love. How can we just walk up to a girl we like or love and say I love you indirectly? It is difficult and confusing, but you need not fret. If you really want to tell your girl that you love her in an indirect way, then just go read on further.


Sometimes it is really hard to read someone’s mind, to be specific their heart when it is about love. Women want their guys to actually say I LOVE YOU. But, men are not like women, who easily show their feelings. But there are some signs through which you can show your girl indirectly that you love her. After knowing the subtle signs about how you can show your love to the girl indirectly and how women notice you will just melt your heart.

How to Tell a Girl You Like Them Without Saying It

Do nice things for them
Keep yourself always available to them when they need you. You actually have to do some nice things for her to see her smiling. Believe me, your girl will remember you fondly for it.

Remember all the things when she talks with you
Always be attentive while listening to her because when you bring those memories up again, they would feel that ye, you actually paid attention when they were discussing the things with you.

Treat them in a special way
Don’t miss any opportunity of making them feel special. You can bring unexpected gifts or flowers for them to congratulate them on their success or something. Plan a surprise lunch or candle-lit dinner for them. Surprising them and treating them in a special way in a wonderful gesture.

Laugh and Show your Interest
While keeping your conversation going, remember to laugh out loud at every joke by her. No matter their jokes are stupid or insane, yet you have to laugh at them. Don’t just talk about yourself, but even give them a chance to speak about what they like and what they don’t. show your curiosity, your interest in knowing them more about their personal life. Their favourite TV shows books, food and much more.

Stay in Touch and Always be available
Just remember to exchange your phone numbers or email-ID so that you can keep in touch with her always. Text them, call them, go for video chats. Always turn up when they need you. This will show them that you care, love them and she means something really special to you.

Drop subtle hints and Hug her
You can even drop subtle hints on her, like prolonged eye contact or a touch on her knee or arm while being playful. Hugging her will give a big smile on her face and your gesture will mean a lot to her. Giving hug is the perfect way to make the other person feel loved.

Talk About Future, Be curious and Ask things
You can simply talk about the future and add her indirectly. No. no. you don’t have to start your planning for a wedding, but you just have to show that she has a place in your heart. This will just give her an idea that yes, you do have some feelings for her. You just have to show your curiosity of knowing them better. So, ask something about their life and keep going your conversation. (Also see: What to Talk About on a First Date?)

Pay Attention and Listen to Her
If you think that everytime a girl complains you and she wants a solution for it, then you are wrong, because they just want you to listen to them. So, you just have to be the person who listens to her and pays attention to what she says. You just have to show your concerns that what actually upsets her and give her some space. Just repeat that you understand her.

Small Gifts
It is not about the way you spend your money on her, but it is just a way to let her know that you love her. Getting her a gift is really simple because you just have to show your girl that you actually pay attention to her needs and what actually makes her happy. Bring her something which no money can buy. (Also see: Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend)

Leave Notes at Unusual Places
We are quite really busy in our lives now and we can only hope that our schedule doesn’t coincide with our partner. But do you know that you leave few notes for her at the unexpected and unusual places? You can leave her notes in her handbag or at her office desk or with her favourite magazine. It would be really a fun to leave notes at unusual places.

Yes, saying “I love you” is quite difficult and a complicated task, but you can let the person know in an indirect way. Do you know that “I love you” comes with a baggage of questions? Yes. Questions like, commitment declaration? Or what you actually mean? Or a simple statement of appreciation?Or why to say it? Then follows the question, that when to say I love you? You have to plan your date or let it pop out unexpectedly. And finally, how you’re I love you would be received by the person? No matter how everything goes, but confessing your love is a big deal.

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So, these are the best ways for saying I Love You to a girl indirectly. These tips will help you in winning over the heart of your girl.