Are you still in contact with your Ex-girlfriend? Is her birthday nearby or in the up-coming month? Well! The question that might arise is whether to wish your ex-girlfriend a Happy Birthday or not. Good Question. However, the answer to this question depends on the second question that will arise right after the first one- “Does my ex-girlfriend hate me?”

None will have as much idea as you have about your ex-girlfriend and you surely know how she feels about you. It is time to be a little honest with yourself and answer the question whether or not she likes you or you should wish her on her birthday or not. You shouldn’t wish her a happy birthday until and unless you are confirmed that she no more hates you. In fact, you shouldn’t even try to contact her if she still have those hate feelings for you. If you want to get back to her or if you are thinking about her, then, I would simply suggest you not to wish your ex-girlfriend happy birthday, who is angry with you! Doing such might just not help you to accomplish your goal.

We all have one ex who hates us and also another one who still loves us and is secretly hoping to get back together. However, whoever or whatever ex-girlfriend means to you, don’t forget that she used to be your friend first before anything else and hence wishing on her birthday is very much important. You may not be in a relationship with her any more but that doesn’t mean she is not your friend any more. You cannot relate any relationship with friendship. Now the important question is How to Say Happy Birthday to Ex-Girlfriend? Well! You no need to worry anymore as with the beautiful happy birthday wishes for ex-girlfriend you can now wish her and also bring back that smile on her face.

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Separation might just be for a moment of time but if you still fall for your Ex-Girlfriend, it is evident that you can make her feel for you once again. Ofcourse, making your Ex-Girlfriend fall for you once again will never be easy unless she has a soft corner, but if you truly like her, it is also not a tough thing at all. Probably the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is to admire her and the option of not leaving her Birthday Out is indeed a mandatory thing. If you feel the same for her as you used to be previously, then choosing an option of sending Happy Birthday to Ex-Girlfriend will make her be one step closer to you. Never to forget to skip this option!


Most Romantic and Sensitive Messages for Happy Birthday to Ex-Girlfriend

There is absolutely no amount of heartbreak which can change the fact that that you were one the girl who’s Kisses I used to starve for. You are still the woman for me whose hugs I still Lust for! Happy Birthday!!
I hope that you are smiling and I hope that you are evenly enjoying. I just wanted you to know that you are still the Wonder woman for whom I am crying. Maybe you have moved on and might be that you have a New Boyfriend, but to my Disheartened Soul, there is never an End! Happy Birthday to You!
It might be true that we are not Lovers anymore but it never means that we must be haters. It is also true that we might not be the best buddies anymore, but it never means that we need to be Enemies. Happy Birthday to You!!
I really do not know how much you miss me or even you miss me at all. But I hope that One Day will come when you shall miss me and realize that my Love for you was always true. Happy Birthday!
You are a fantastic woman and you have always been fantastic. But this never means that we must keep our friendship to an end! We could always be good friends for life. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to the most wonderful Woman who used to be a Princess Once in My Life! Stay Happy and enjoy the most!
Our Dramatic Relationship was just like a Romantic Movie playing for years. Only it was just that a bad script written by a lousy writer. Happy Birthday!
You have always known me better than anyone else in the world has ever known me! Thus, it is foolish enough to pretend that I would have forgotten your Birthday. A Very Happy Birthday Girl!
Yes, the things never worked out in our relationship but breakup was never the best option we had. No matter how far from that time we have moved on, my soul still waits for that clock to strike again. Our memories shall always be as beautiful as dawn. Happy Birthday!
I always hate to call you my Ex-Girlfriend and instead of this I would admire to call you a beautiful Girl for whom I used to be in Love with all the time. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful Girl!
I know that you never do smile at me anymore but atleast, you can always have a small glimpse of happiness when you read this message. Happy Birthday!

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Ex-girlfriend, the word friend is attached to it and you cannot simply deny it. Wishing your ex-girlfriend a happy birthday is not at all a thing to be ashamed of and neither to be afraid of. You aren’t doing any crime by wishing her on her birthday. It is a special day for her and to make it even more special you should at least make a try. Who might know, this is a golden chance for you to get back with her? Yes! So don’t think any more and wish her with these beautiful birthday wishes especially for your ex-girlfriend.