In the technology age today, almost every household or a student has a printer besides the businesses, which of course have it in their offices. Therefore, it is important to have the “know how” to keep your printing costs as affordable as you can. Of course this can be done by using discount printer ink which is highly recommendable to keep printing cost-efficient.

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Tips to keep printing cost economical

1. Use websites offering discount ink
These type of websites stocks affordable ink for almost all the major brand of printers, and are also simple to use.

2. Find an ink-refill facility nearby
Find a cartridge refilling shop near to your location. However, you will be told by the manufacturer that your printer can only operate with their toner or cartridges. Generally this is not true and this type of cartridge-refilling shop had become quite a successful type of business. They can refill almost any type of printer cartridge at a much more affordable price.

3. Selling old printer cartridges
If you are careful and purchase the official type of ink cartridges for your printer, take the empty cartridges to an ink refilling shop and sell them. They will be happy to do the transaction!

4. Use economical budget options when setting up the software of your printer

  • Use the shrink to fit choice when there are only one or two lines on a second page.
  • Print your documents in rough or draft quality. While you will be able to still read it, so less ink will be used.
  • Its time to get clued-up with spreadsheets. When printing an Excel document, remember that the cells should be highlighted, and print only the information you selected. Even much easier is to press the ‘print screen’ option on the keyboard.
  • Decrease the width of your note’s margin, minimise the line spacing and decreasing the text size by for example two points, more text can be fitted on one page. Just be sure that you can still read it.
  • Keep your printer queue in mind and just don’t click again should the first ‘click’ don’t print. Maybe the printer is checking itself before it start and everything will be printed double!

5. Buy the right printer
Before buying your printer do an online comparison check and don’t step into the pothole of buying the cheapest printer. The guideline is that in general the more expensive printers’ ink will cost you less in the long run! Take a look at these three printers and their printing costs.

  • Epson (Expression Home-XP102)
  • Canon Pixma (Wireless Printer MG4250)
  • Hewlett-Packard (Laserjet-Pro-400)

6. Keep your printer on
Don’t turn off your printer as it will run a cleaning and maintenance routine each time when it cleans the print-head which also takes ink. These will be the noises you hear when you turn the printer on again.

Using discount printer ink and taking these tips into account will eventually cut your printing costs!