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Rooting is something that makes all the mobile android users must do to attain the most benefits. One of the most important things that most of the “geeky” mobile phone users love is the option to get root access to his/her mobile phone. Android mobile phones can be rooted and once rooted; you can do unlimited things with it :)

Note: This tutorial is only meant for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 and using this tutorial to root any other model may damage the device forever.

There are many benefits of rooting your Android device as it unlocks many features that were earlier blocked and allows you to run apps that require root access. It allows the users to get full access to their devices and make global changes. You should know that rooting a device has its own drawbacks. Rooting voids device’s warranty and there are chances of completely damaging your device.
However, if you successfully root your device then you will enjoy it.
Here in this article you will learn the best method to root your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 and install Clockwork Mod.
After rooting your Galaxy Y S5360 you will be able to maximize battery life, install custom ROMs, Update to Android 4.0 ICS etc.

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Before You Continue;

1. Enable USB debugging in you Galaxy Y. To do so, go to “Options>application>USB debugging”.
2. Backup all your contacts, apps, calendars and bookmarks.
3. Disable the antivirus on your PC and Galaxy Y.
4. Battery should be full.

Follow these steps to Root Galaxy Y S5360

1. Download the Rooting Kit from XDA-Developers link.
2. Connect your Galaxy Y with the PC via USB cable and the file that you downloaded in Step 1 to the root of the SD card and not in any folder.
3. Give your phone a complete switch off. (Wait till the phone vibrates and the display switches off)
4. Now you need to boot in Recovery Mode. To do so, press and hold the “Home button” and press the “Volume Up”.
5. Now select the “Install from SD card” option from the list that appears and then select the “zip from SD” option to select the .zip file that you placed on the SD card in step 2.
6. Wait for flashing to begin.
7. Reboot the device when the process ends
Now you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.

Follow these steps to install Clockwork Mod Galaxy Y:

1. Firstly, download the CWM recovery image from this link.
2. Connect the device with your PC via USB cable and copy the .zip file you downloaded in step 1 to the root of your SD card.
3. Disconnect the phone and switch it off.
4. Boot in to Recovery Mode by pressing and holding the “Volume Up button”+ “Home button” + “Power Button”.
5. Select the Update from SD card option and locate the .zip file you placed in Step 2.
6. Soon the phone will have CWM installed.
Now, you have CWM installed on your Samsung Galaxy Y.