In this post, i gonna share tutorial about how to remove Flashvortex.com advertise from your banner, just follow the steps below, and remove ads from your banner that you created from flashvortex.com.

Step : – 1
First you need to download  SWiX flash editor software

  • Full support of Flash format version 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
  • Decompiling of SWF into SWiX-format XML
  • Syntax highlighting, code formatting, code completion
  • Preview of modified SWF files
  • Reassembly of SWiX-format XML into an SWF
  • Open XML based SWiX-format as a ZIP archive
  • Multidocument interface

Version new
License     Free for personal use
Build     March 24, 2010
File size     0.9 MB
OS     XP/2000/Vista/Windows 7

Step: – 2
1. Go to flashvortex.com
2. choose any Flash Banner from list
3. Fill the Following form with Required Data
4. Click on “Generate Animation”
5. Click On “Click Here To Download” Button To Download swf File On your PC

6. Open your swf file with SWiX
7. Go to view at the top options and Select on Movie XML

8. CTRL + F to find  “ShapeId”

9. Remove Shapeid=”0″ After Remove Code Look Like This <DefineShape3>
10. Now find again “Shapeid” And Remove it
11. Click On Play Button And Check It It’s Removed???

Note :- If falshvortex.com is not removed than find again shapeid and remove it from XML code Of Flash file

Video Tutorial