Nowadays social media plays an important role in our everyday lives. Many people cannot combine both social media and relationships in their lives therefore they have to choose a single thing.

We live in the era of Internet, therefore there is no difference whether you want to buy something or if you want to find a person you like. You can do it in 2 minutes and, moreover, you can see the photos of her/him, the places he/she visited and the people he/she communicate and spend time with. Sometimes people post so many photos that you can explore every step they make. Some posts can cause a lot of troubles and can even ruin your relationships. Social media ruins relationships only when people do not know what the appropriate photos/videos to be posted are. From now on you can answer “No“ to the question: “Would you give up social media for a healthy relationship?” because this article will teach you how to act correctly in the social networks.


Here are some tips that can help you to protect your relationship from the negative effects of social media:

1. Do not describe every single step

Many people (especially girls) like posting happy moments with their beloved ones. However, we do not recommend you to show your private life to the public because when your couple will have some problems in relationship, some people may start laughing at you or discuss it. In addition, if you break up with your partner (or he breaks up with you) do not post the letters about your broken heart and about other things that may seem to be silly by haters.

Show your emotions in a real life, not online. Keep a mystery in your life and do not appear as a person whose life revolves only around one person. Moreover, your friends should not see what is going on in your life in the social networks because it may limit your communication offline.

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2. Do not make your partner jealous

It is unacceptable to post pictures of you in a club or with your ex if you have some problems in relations with your present partner. These tricks that many teenagers use to get more attention seem to be not a good idea to use.

Talk about the problems with your partner and stop trying to make him jealous. Negative actions can turn into negative emotions and therefore can ruin your relationships. Posting “spicy” photos may seem to be cool when you do it (exactly at that moment), however, you need to think about the future consequences.

3. Provocative photos

Some people are jealous and when their partner posts “hot” photos they can become aggressive and angry. Do not try to catch the attention of others, show your body only to your partner if you really love her/him. Everyone knows that feeling when you want to post something but you do not know how the others will react on it. When choosing a photo/video, consider the feelings of your boyfriend/girlfriend and put yourself into a place of your partner, think what you would feel? In addition, even if you are searching for a partner, better appear as a shy person than a boy/girl that cannot be taken seriously.

4. Questions about your relationship

There are some social networks where people ask you about some things and you have to answer on it. However, you do not have to answer ALL the questions, be selective. Answer the questions that are not about your private life because this topic is only for you and your partner.

relationships and social media

5. Hide & Seek

Above we discussed that posting too many photos with your partner is not a good thing to do. However, at the same time your beloved one can feel that you want to hide him/her because you want to cheat. Therefore, if your girlfriends/boyfriends asks you to post a photo with him/her, do it at least once!

6. Photos that can be used against you

After some parties you may discover yourself posted in different social networks not in the best condition.

Moreover, some people can tag you on the photos that have been taken in the places you have even never been to. Some photo may look awful to your partner and may cause a big drama. Ask your friends to delete the photos you do not like. It is your personal choice and if your friends do not post these photos with the bad intentions, they will listen to you and get rid of them.

7. Shared account

Never share the account with your partner because it may seem to be really weird. “Couple’s accounts” are good only in case you are promoting one brand or business. If you are interested in it, read about powerful branding techniques that can be implemented in social media. Although it is too much when you create an account with the name such as “Amames” (Amanda+James), posting the photos of your children or a big family may be a good and positive idea!

In addition, giving a password of your social networks to the partner is considered to show that you are not confident in your partner and do not trust in your relationship. Reading messages of your partner is impolite, do it only when he/she asks you to do so. Every person needs to have a private life separated from the relationship.

We hope that we answered the question: “How does social media affect relationships?” and shown you the tips on protecting your personal life. You cannot even imagine how many positive effects of social media on relationships are therefore do not be afraid to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter because they can bring many advantages as well.