If you’re thinking about exploring the world of online sales, you have several options at your disposal. One route to go down is eCommerce. If you have a high volume of products or wish to sell your services on a continuing basis, it may make sense to set up an eCommerce website for this purpose. On the other hand, if you are trying to sell your old clothes, electronics, or books after a good spring cleaning, it makes more sense to use auction sites like eBay. In either case, exposure is extremely important. You may have a great bargain and have written up a very persuasive advertisement or listing, but if no one sees it you’re not going to make a sale. With that in mind, the following are a few basic promotional techniques to drive more traffic to your online listings.

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Use Popular Keywords
One of the best ways to ensure that the right readers are viewing your ads is to fill them with keywords that buyers are likely to be searching for. You should know the ins and outs of your product and what buyers are interested in. Keyword research tools can come in quite handy, particularly if you are placing items up for sale on a regular basis. Keywords can then be integrated into both titles and descriptions to make it easier for buyers to find them using a basic search tool.

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Get the Timing Right
There are certain times of day when buyers are more likely to be at home to indulge in a little online shopping. Don’t put up your listing in the middle of the workday; instead choose a time when buyers are more likely to see your advert without it getting buried. One of the best times for this is Sunday evenings, when most people are home to shop.


Offer Incentives in the Headline
When potential buyers are searching through their options, they will often only see the headline of a listing in their search results. It’s your chance to make a good first impression, so be sure that it stands out and grabs your audience. Don’t just list the product’s title; create a catchy heading that shows the buyer what the product will do for them.


Make Key Terms Stand Out
There are few buyers who will take the time to read each product listing from start to finish. Instead, most will glance at a listing and its photographs. Make sure your description is eye-catching by breaking up text into lists, using bullet points and bold headings. This allows you to emphasize the most enticing parts of your offer.


Spread the Word within your Local Network
Once you’ve created a listing, use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share with your network. Use keyword-oriented hashtags to draw in customers on social networks. It’s helpful to reach out to an audience close to you with a localized listing site, as well. For instance, buyers and sellers in Australia are enticed to Quicksales by the humorous advert starring Pat Cash as well as the opportunity to buy and sell locally. Finally, you can use the old-fashioned method of posting flyers in local supermarkets and on community bulletin boards.

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By taking the time to optimize your product listing with terms your audience will be searching for and spreading the word using today’s online networking opportunities, you can improve your chances of a quick and easy sale.