How to proctect your blog from blogger automated classification system Part-1
In previous posts I’ve published Part 1 & Part 2 of  how to protect your blog from blogger automated classification system and today I’m going to share part 3 with another tips to protect your blog from blogger automated classification system or anything happens with your blog. in the part 1 i mentioned about how blogger automated classification system removed my blog and in part 2 i described the reason of why my blog was removed by blogger automated classification system, so, if you are new here then first you should check part 1 & 2. if you’ve checked that both parts then let’s come up to part 3. in this part i’ll share my big mistake which i should not have that kind of mistake. i just forgotten to take a backup of my blog. so, please do your blogs backup time to time, many of bloggers don’t know about Import and Export feature of blogger. yes ! blogger allow us to do import and export of our blogs posts and comments into a single, Atom-formatted XML file and you can keep your blogs posts and comments safe in your control suppose your blog removed by blogger automated classification system or in case anything happens to your blog, then you can simply import the posts back into Blogger, either into an existing blog or into a new one.

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So, here’s how to do back up of your full blog :
To back up your blog. log in to blogger and go to settings –> Other. your will see the blog tools options at the top of the page for importing, exporting and deleting. (don’t worry if accidentally clicking on delete blog, your blog wouldn’t be deleted until you confirmed on the next process. )

Blogger Import ExportNow you need to just press the “Export Blog” link, and then pop-up box will appear and ask you to save xml file of your blog, click on “Download blog” to download your full blog, keep it safe as a backup in your PC.

Download Full blog
Don’t worry your Exported blog will not deleted from your dashboard in

Note:- Imports and exports are only for posts and comments. If you want to save a copy of your template, click the Backup/Restore button on the Template tab.

Here’s some ideas for what you can do with importing and exporting:

  • Merge two or more blogs into one. Take the exported posts and comments from one blog and import them into another one.
  • Move individual posts from blog to blog. After importing, select just a set of posts to publish and publish them with one click.
  • Back up your blog to your own storage. You can keep your words safe and under your control in case anything happens to your blog, or  if you want to remove them from the Internet.
  • Move your blog somewhere else. export format is standard Atom XML. i hope to see other blogging providers extend their Atom support to include import and export. And, if you decide to come back to Blogger, importing your export file will get you back up and running in seconds.

Before importing a blog for the first time, i recommend that you create a new, throwaway blog to import into so you get a sense for how the process works. Once you’re comfortable, import into your public blog. for more detail visit blogger help page :

So, Backup your blog time to time keep this habit for a better blog management. :) If you have more tips and tricks to protect blog then feel free to share in comments below. :)