How to proctect your blog from blogger automated classification system Part-1
In the part 1 we discussed on how blogger automated classification system was deleted my blog, and today we will discuss on how to protect your blog against blogger automated classification system, I’m not sure or don’t know that the perfect reason, why my blog was deleted and marked as spam by blogger automate classification system but I’ve read and found many reason of possibilities of deleting blog if we not care about it. As we all know and no doubt that blogger is free platform, which gives lots of opportunities for newbie to start their journey without much knowledge and free of cost, but problem is that repeated violation of terms of service, do you know that? Blogger team permanently removes and deletes thousands of blogs without any notice and also they do not gives the second chance to publisher. so today we will learn reason of why blogger deleted blogs and how to protect your blog.


If your blog have illegal activities then it’s called Spam, which maybe result of deletion not only your blog also your account, before the removed my blogs i commented on high page ranks 10+ website for the ranking of my blog as you all do that for increasing your listing in search engines, but i did not know that 10+ comments can have me banned or deleted. it’s called black hat method for boost up the search listing. so, be aware from that type of works and do protect your blog.

Pirated Content

Pirated content means if you proved paid software like applications, music, games, videos for free in your blog by spreading pirated content, your blog would be deleted by blogger, i had also published some crack software and music for free in my blog then maybe it’s reason of deletion of my blog, then always stay away from that type of illegal content.

Adult Content

Before we learn more on this topic, i want to clear that i have not interested in share and post adult content on my blog also never hosted adult content in past, but if your blog have adult content then do not worry, blogger blog allows you to host adult content on your blog, but you need to mark as “Adult” in your blog settings, also you’ve not permeation to add too many ads on your adult blog, otherwise your blog might be deleted.

Copyrights Violations

Blogger has too strict in copyright policies, if you copying others content, original owner reported to google DMCA then, your blog might me deleted, however, many times google gives second chance, but they not gives back posts which you copied from other blogs.

Malware and Viruses

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Before you choose template for your blog, you should think 100 times, and check the coding if you found too many JavaScripts then it might gives birth to Malware and Viruses then do not use it for your blog, also do not use pop-ups, and such script which install illegally software without permission of users. blogger strictly do not allows this kind of activity and it could cause your blog to be deleted.

So, i mentioned above the some reasons of deletion of blog, but there have many reasons too, you can read more about it here :

Blogger has a bit strict in their policies and it deletes blogs more often, but if you follow their terms, then they will never delete or disable your blog. so follow their terms and do protect your blog. :)