How to proctect your blog from blogger automated classification system Part-1
Few months ago i moved my blog, blogger to wordpress, because blogger was removed my blog, and i lost my 5 years hard works I thought this post will be my first post in wordpress but i was too busy with re-publishing my posts which was removed by blogger, and some other projects, if you are new here, then maybe you don’t know about it, so, let me tell full story. One day i opened my blog and I was shocked to see that my all blogs was deleted because of Spam issues and I got message is that :

Your blog is marked as Spam by automated classification system.

All the blog options/settings blocked and I was unable to backup my blog content and my big mistake is i forgot to take backup of my blog before the process, that time i was so upset and angry, also i was got mail from blogger and their message said :

“Dear Sir or Madam,

Google reserves the right to remove those blogs which are set up either automatically or manually for the purpose of manipulating search engine results or generating revenue or traffic through deceptive means. In accordance with Google’s Terms of Service, we have removed the content at issue.

Terms of Service:
Content Policy:

The Google Team”

After that I appealed blogger that My blog is mistakenly marked as Spam and asked them to Restore it.  also followed a few more things which suppose to help me in getting back my blog. After doing all the things which i could possibly do, i was waiting for response from blogger blog. I also posted in Google support forums for help regarding this issue.!mydiscussions/blogger/yFSY661yBd4

But Its been more than 2 months but still no reply from Blogger Team. Here is a screen shot of my Deleted Blogs :
My blogsDuring that times i asked to many good bloggers for helping out on this issues but nobody can help me out because they don’t know about this much more, finally my one of best friend Bhavesh Sondagar (Founder of told me that don’t wait for blogger response and start your blog with wordpress, but that time i don’t know about how to use wordpress then he helped me in all the steps, and now my blog is hosted on wordpress as well :)
but still i haven’t got my blog back ! so what was my mistakes? how will you protect your blog to blogger automated spam classification system? this part will be discussed in Part2.