Whether you are attending a company meeting or you are at conferences or just trying to persuade someone for something, it is really a daunting experience to talk in front of people. What I mean is that, public speaking is a phobia, a tough job, which ranks among the top fears in the world and the second fear is the death. The very first thing which is most important to recognize is “what fear is”. An anxious feeling or an emotion which is experienced by a person in an anticipation of a situation is known as fear.

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No matter you fear is a real one or an imaginary one, it is a common phobia. Fear does ranges from panicky situation to just a slightest nervous feeling. 80 out of 100 people do fear of public speaking and thus avoid attending the public situations and if they happen to attend those meetings, then they end up with a warbling voice and shaky hands. But do you know that your persistency and preparation can help you in overcoming your fear of public speaking?

Among all the phobias, the most common one among people is the fear of public speaking. It is a performance activity form where the person becomes more concerned about him or herself and looks anxious visibly to the audience. People usually get a panic attack while speaking in front of the audience. This is the reason that many people out there try to protect themselves with the fear by avoiding public speaking or even some people struggle through the anxiety. In this significant way, people visibly show their fear in a more disruptive and chronic way. The fear of public speaking, even lands people in choosing a career which doesn’t call or involve public speaking. This is the case with those people who always feared of public speaking from their young age.

So, guys how to overcome the fear of public speaking?

Figuring out the things

The very first thing to do for overcoming your fear of public speaking is to figure out the things, which scares you the most. Make a list of all the specific things after investigating your fears, which must include the things that makes you feel afraid or anxious. After making the list of your fears, now you have to make a corresponding list of how you will overcome those fears.

Deep and Slow Breathing

Start practicing, breathing slowly and deeply before your presentation at work or before you go on stage. You can even try the exercise “calming sigh”, where you inhale deeply followed by a vocalized sigh exhale.

Exercise to warm up

Exercise helps in reducing your tension as well as helping in concentrating more. It significantly means that before speaking just warm up your body. Any physical activity before your presentation or speech will help you in staying calm throughout as well as reducing your excess nervous energy. You can do gentle stretching or just a walk outside in the lawn or do arm circles.

Formal and Informal Practice

Before your event, just do the formal practice, which will significantly help you in building more confidence within you to say the right words at the moment. Also, the informal practice works in random social situations, like conversation with a stranger at a party or at a bus stop or at a restaurant. These significantly help in conquering the fear of nervousness and anxiety.

Success Visualization

You just have to visualize your success by closing your eyes and enjoying your success party. It means that you just have to do a mental rehearsal once or twice, before your speech.

Sound Sleep and Healthy Breakfast

Just have a good breakfast as well as enough sleep before your speech as it is important to take care of yourself. If you are fully relaxed, then you will feel less anxious. Also, if you are a regular coffee-drinker, then don’t forget to take a big cup of coffee.

Visit the Venue before time

You must visit the venue ahead of time. What I mean to say is that get all the details about the venue, the room as well as the equipment and the audience. Get yourself ready before the event.

Play the worst game

You just have to play a worst case game with yourself. Some people think that what they will do if their presentation won’t work or anything bad that can happen. Believe me by playing a bad game with yourself, you will get to know that every bad situation is not that bad.

Take off the pressure

You just have to take off the pressure from yourself because a person can never be a perfect speaker. Even the President of the countries has a room to improve themselves when it is about public speaking. You have the audience who understands you. But knowing your mistakes will help you grow into a more effective speaker.

Practice by watching yourself in mirror

Practice your speech before your event by watching yourself in the mirror. You just have to pay attention to your body movements, your facial expressions as well as your gestures and how you appear. You will visibly look more welcoming if you sound calm with your gentle expressions.

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I hope that these tips for overcoming your fear of public speaking would be helpful to you. Following these tips would help you to grow yourself into a more effective speaker.

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