Considering the amount of money and efforts used in public relation activities, tracking the results have never been easy compared to other marketing tactics such as advertising. This, nonetheless, does not mean that organizations should ignore this useful marketing strategy.

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain is a disruptive technology where digital financial transactions are recorded, timed and stored using a distributed system often referred to as a “distributed ledger”. The beauty of blockchain technology is the fact that anyone can build their own cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

If you have managed to create your own cryptocurrency blockchain start-up, you will also need a robust PR crypto campaign to build customer trust and loyalty which will reflect positively on your brand. After a while, you will need to measure the success of this campaign, and that is where most issues begin.This presents a challenge for marketers since blockchain is a fairly new technology that only a few understand while most are interested in.For more on PR crypto click here.

Metrics for Measuring the Success of Your PR Crypto Journey

The world today is interconnected at a level never seen before and even though it is challenging for digital marketers to measure PR success, there are various marketing metrics that can help you do a proper assessment of your PR crypto journey. Let us look at some of them below:

1. Statistics from sales

The statistics from your sales department can be a huge indicator of how well or how badly your PR campaign is doing. A well-executed PR crypto campaign can lead to significant sales over time and if there are no sales, then this could be a red-flag that something is not working.

Analyze the sales statistics based on location in order to identify new sales opportunities and also to identify territories where you have not penetrated yet. Where your campaign is doing great, you can focus most of your sales and marketing efforts.

2. Media clippings

You can measure the success of your PR campaign by tracking the amount of press clippings that refer to your company, products or services. The catch here is that your company should be mentioned in publications that your target audience will read. The more mentions you receive across different relevant publications, then you can conclude that the PR campaign is successful.

3. Media impressions

Media impressions refer to the number of times that your target audience may have seen your post. In a nutshell, you can calculate the number of impressions by multiplying the number of media clippings by the total number of circulations.

For instance, if your company was mentioned by The Guardian twice, and it has a total circulation of three million, then you achieved 6 million media impressions. Together with other metrics such as social media reach and engagement, media impressions can prove crucial in measuring the success of your PR crypto.

4. Website traffic

One of the most effective ways you can utilize to measure the success of your PR crypto campaign is by analyzing the amount of traffic to your website before and after launching the campaign. You could use a tool such as Google Analytics for these purposes.

In addition, website traffics also provides a lot of useful data that can show you whether your efforts are reaching the intended audience. These include information such as location, device, age group, gender, etc.


When performing your PR activities, you don’t want to shoot in the dark. You want to know just how effective they are. You can do this by checking out your statistics from sales, reviewing media clippings, following your media impressions and analyzing your website traffic. Once you measure, make sure you take action with the feedback you get. A great strategy should give excellent results.