I have seen many people struggling for remembering their password since they tend to forgot their password in very shot time.If you are one them and you are using Google Chrome I bet this article will help you out for sure.Many of us know Browsers like Google Chrome ,Firefox and other browsers are have feature called “remember password”. I am going to show you “How to Manage Saved Passwords in Google Chrome”.Here you will learn how to manage your saved password. But at the same time be care full since people who know this feature and friendly with chrome can also get access to your saved password. So make sure you will not allow another people to allow them to access your browser. One of thing you will user like changing your password after short time. Also Read:- 5 Firefox Add-ons for taking Web page screenshots

Here Are Simple Steps How to Manage Saved Passwords in Google Chrome :

1. Open Google Chrome look at the right hand side top corner of Chrome browser. You will see Small square Icon shown below in image.Click on it will show you various options like New Tab , Zoom Control , Bookmark, etc 1 2.Click on Setting option from drop down menu and new tab will be open in your Google Chrome Browser this will show many for user setting under on roof Like whether to show bookmark bar or not , select you default search engine , Set Chrome as default browser etc. 2 3.Go to bottom of that tab and click on “Show Advance Setting “. This option will show user personal setting where user can set it’s proxy and much more things and can also Manage their password from here only. 3 4.Now here you will find option Titled “Password and Forms” under this title you have 2 option “Manage Autofill settings” and “Manager Saved Password”. Since our main concern is to see how to manage password just click on Manager Saved Password. 4 5.After clicking on Manager Saved Password one small dialog box will appear at your screen.It have 3 columns here in First Column it will show Website’s URL for which password save , Second Column it will show your username /email that you have user to register on it and in third column it will show you Password in block dots. 5 6.Now question arise how to see the password that you have used here is the solution.Just click on third column where it will show you Password in block dots . As soon as you click on this column one “Show” button appear beside the saved doted password. 6 7. After clicking on that Password in block dots is show you actual alphanumeric character that you have used as password.Here you can change your password or update the same. In case you forget your password it will handy to user this tool for getting back your password. Also Read: How to Download Embedded SWF files using Firefox Since here I have shown you How to Manage Saved Passwords in Google Chrome.But as I have mention above make sure your chrome do not access by any unauthorized or your security and privacy may be at risk. Some tips to be secure is :

  • Change password after certain interval of time.
  • Update you password or add some extra character after your password to disguise unauthorized person.
  • Do not share your password with friend or close one.
  • Do not use much of site which are suspicious.etc..

Just take some safety precautions to ensure your privacy and security.Or you may loose your data . If you like this article or your opinion do leave comment below.Share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.