One of the most popular videos sharing platforms is the YouTube which has become No.1 within few years. It can be used for several purposes such as promoting business proposals, sharing your views through videos to the world or even doing self-promoting. However, to reach out a large number of people, you need to have a channel on YouTube. Remember, that YouTube doesn’t charge you anything for uploading video contents here and also uploading good quality videos can make your channel go viral quickly. To make your channel stand out, it not only requires a good camera and good content but it requires more than that. So to know How to Make Your YouTube Videos Stand Out, keep reading the article thoroughly.


Here are Few Ways To Make Your YouTube Videos Stand Out:

Step 1: To Build Your Channel:

#1. Niche Determination:

To make a successful YouTube Channel, the first thing that you should keep in mind is the niche. Think about something that will grab audience’s attraction. Remember, that people will visit your channel looking for a specific thing such as product reviews, gaming tutorials, tech news, fashion advice, etc.; To make your channel stand out, think about making a channel on the niche that you think you can put your best efforts.

#2. Set Yourself Apart:

Apart from choosing a niche, you need to develop a good and appealing personality as well. For example, if you are seeing a YouTuber having a huge number of subscribers it is not just because he or she is uploading videos, it is because they are making it appealing and they have a unique personality as well to carry it. So to set yourself apart is another major step.

#3. Building Your Own Brand:

Now before you start uploading your videos, you should build your own brand. To build your brand, you need to build in certain basic things that a channel need to have. Some of the basic things include having a good quality profile picture, an attracting channel description and a unique banner art for your YouTube channel. Here is the process step by step:

  • Creating a Profile Image:
    The next step is to create a good profile image which will appear next to the name of your channel in the search results and also in the comments section on your YouTube channel. Make sure to have a profile picture that either focus on you or your channel niche.

  • To Create a Channel Art:
    To create a channel art is a very easy thing. The channel art will appear at the top of your channel which will act as an introduction to your channel as well. Remember to create a channel art within 2560×1440 pixel only as the size matters a lot. You can create a channel art online as there are several online tools available.

  • To Fill Out The Channel’s Description Tab:
    Now the last step towards building the brand is to fill in the channel description part with a unique and attracting channel description. Ensure to link your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Website link in your description.

Step 2: To Create Quality Video Contents:

#1. To Get Good Quality Equipment:

To get some good quality videos, you will surely need to have some good equipment that will help you in capturing quality videos. The difference between the webcam and a DSLR is night and day. Hence having a good DSLR is a must or you can opt for a stand-alone webcam as well. The next thing to consider is audio quality. Buying a good quality microphone is necessary.

#2. Script:

One of the most important parts that should be practiced by every YouTuber is to write a script before filming. Writing a script will not only improvise your video but will also connect you with the video content. You will be able to control the video parts as YouTube allows you to upload only 15 minutes longer videos until you meet certain guidelines. Hence, it is much important to write a script and then break up longer videos into small series. It will also improve the flow of your videos and will decrease those awkward pauses.

#3. Rehearsing and Preparing anything You Need:

Once you have the script ready, make it sure to rehearse it well and prepare yourself for the shoot. While shooting your videos, you may feel nervous and hence, if you fumble don’t be upset and rehearse more and more so that you can stop fumbling.

#4. Start Shooting and Reviewing Your Recording:

Now that you are completely ready with all the above steps done correctly, it is the time for some light, camera, and action. Yes! Now get ready to shoot your video but remember not to get afraid as there might be some chances of taking several shots. One can’t be perfect on the first go, and hence you may need to take several shots to get that perfect one but don’t be nervous, hold your breath, and you will be able to do it.

You can edit your video as per your requirements and can give it a new dimension as a whole. Ensure not to read your script entirely as you should look natural while talking otherwise your viewers may not find you friendly enough, and as a result, they will not feel like to subscribe your channel. Remember, you aim to make your YouTube channel stand out among all other channels, and for that, you need to be as natural as possible to gain the trusts of your viewers.

#5. Editing:

Editing is one of the most crucial aspects that you should consider while uploading videos on your YouTube channel. Think about how you can make your videos more attractive. Put some beautiful effects and filters to get that eye-catching look. Your first step towards editing will be to choose an editing software that will work best for you. Then add an introduction to your video which very important. Now think about giving the video more dimension. You can increase or decrease the brightness, contrast, etc. in the video. Make sure that your video is in a flow without any errors.

#6. To Create a Good Thumbnail:

While uploading a video, you need to setup a thumbnail that is attractive and interesting to catch you viewers eyes. Remember, that this image will represent your video when it is searched. Make sure to verify your YouTube account otherwise you will not be able to put any other external thumbnails, and you will be left with certain selective thumbnails.

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Step 3: Engaging Viewers:

#1. Tag your videos:

Tagging your videos is very much important as it will determine your position in the search results. Tags can be of different types such as phrases, one word, etc. Ensure to use a tag that is relevant to your content and will draw the attention of your viewers as well.

#2. Create Content Often:

Uploading contents often will make your viewers visit your channel more often. Hence, your aim should be of uploading as many videos as possible. A steady flow uploading good quality videos will keep your viewers engaged to your channel. If you don’t get time to upload full videos, try to fill in the gaps with small contents until the next long video. It will help your viewers to be stuck with your channel.

The next thing to keep in mind is to release your videos in a prime time. Think your channel as TV channel and you should upload videos at a specific time so that your audience keep in mind and wait for your videos to that time only.

#3. Share in Social Media:

Every time you post a video, don’t forget to share it on all your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.Remember, gaining more likes on Facebook or any other social media platform is important to make your video stand out and go viral. It will also draw the attention of viewers to your channel. Many people are there who likes to stay connected with the world via Twitter and hence, timely tweeting your video link with a beautiful caption is much needed to keep them informed.

#4. Ask People to Subscribe:

One of the best ways to keep your viewers engaged and to bring in new subscribers is to ask them out to subscribe to your channel. There is an annotation field where you can put one click subscribe link to your channel. If the video is liked by the viewers, then there is a good chance that they will click on the subscribe button to stay updated. You can also add other links in the annotation field. Ensure that your video isn’t stuffed with annotations it may disturb your viewers.

#5. Interact with your Viewers:

One of the most effective ways to gain new subscribers is by commenting on the comment section. It is, however, a great way to stay connected to your fan base and stay loyal to them as well. Instagram and Twitter are some other ways or social media platforms by which you can stay connected to your viewers and answering their queries related to your videos or any general thing will make the bond stronger than ever. In this way, with some positive responses, they will ask their friends and relatives to visit your channel and subscribe it.

#6. Start a blog:

Starting a blog will be a great idea if you want to establish a more successful YouTube channel. You simply need to embed your videos on your blog. This will help you in gaining more subscribers because your readers will surely love to watch all your videos. Your blog can act as a platform to make your channel more viral. You can also cover all the topics and discuss them more elaborately and add it into your channel’s About Tab.

Also, there is another option; you can add a widget of YouTube to your blog which will allow all your readers quickly view and subscribe your channel.

#7. Consider Buying Views:

Are you facing problem in giving a kick start to your YouTube channel? Well! Then you can purchase views for giving your channel a kickstart. There are hundreds of online portal available that offers you with good quality views and subscribers to your channel. You need to choose and ensure it that the views are real and not bot-generated as YouTube usually frowns upon purchasing of views.

#8. Build relationships with other content creators:

YouTube is a social community of creators and taking advantage of that is essential. Reaching out to other video makers who make videos in your niche and ask for some collaboration. Remember, guest appearances are utmost important, and it will help you in making your channel popular. However, it also caught some attention of the other YouTuber’s viewers which will benefit you.

For collaborating you can opt for doing a guest appearance, or you can shoot a video on the same topic and then ask them to mention about your video and your channel at the end of the other user’s video. Remember, to reach out to as many viewers possible to get the maximum profit.

Final Words:
To make your channel stand out, follow your passion and you will surely succeed. YouTube is a platform that enhances every individual’s idea and makes them able to share their views and present it in front of the whole world. So hurry up and read the article carefully to understand how you can make your YouTube channel stand out.