IoT or the Internet of Things has started taking the world by storm. All electronic home devices including home security systems are now internet enabled which makes them accessible anytime from anywhere. This makes life quite convenient and safe for a good majority of the people who use them. Smartphones or desktops are being used to track and control such devices that include kitchen appliances, home appliances such as TV and Air Conditioner and also the security systems such as the garage, security camera and also the gate. They all work using sensors and internet connectivity to communicate with the parent device that controls them.


The IoT has become the most competitive field now with all major players coming up with smart devices that can be controlled and used over the internet. But the basic requirement is a fast and reliable internet connection. Earlier, getting a consistent connection that had enough speed to browse itself was a rare possibility. Now with fiber optics-enabled internet available at competent rates, even the residential users are able to make the most of the speed and consistency in their home internet connection. They use this cheaper alternative to wireless internet and use a wireless modem to connect to the Internet-enabled devices at home. You can use your smart TV at home to browse multimedia over the Internet using the Wi-Fi modem that connects the smartphone and the TV to the internet.

Even energy management systems are controlled more efficiently using IoT technology which adjusts the temperature levels based on the user’s preferences via the Internet. Smart lighting systems that can be controlled over the internet make sure your house is well-lit just before you reach. You save energy by not having to switch on the lights while you are not using them and at the same time having them on even before you reach, making the lighting really smart. You can now switch on your air conditioner from your smartphone before you reach home so that the moment you step in, the temperature is pleasant and perfect. This is particularly impressive when you are bringing in guests after a tiring journey.

IoT is more about the little conveniences we are able to enjoy making our life a little happier with the right use of technology. There are medical usages too for IoT. Smart Health bands that help you track how physically active you have been from your mobile or smart BP and blood Sugar monitor that reports your health status to your loved ones can all be quite useful inventions that can even be lifesavers. Automatic software updates are done for your Internet-enabled devices which make them function better for longer. Any faults or defective functioning are also automatically updated to the manufacturer who can immediately provide service to correct them.

Imagine your new generation car communicating with the manufacturer’s server periodically for software update and also reporting any service requirements coming up! That can be really smart of your car and will give you enough time to arrange for a service or sometimes the manufacturer calls you up to arrange the service as reported by the car. You will soon be able to program your car for automatically drive you to your office based on the GPS location maps!

While there’s also a need for caution as the digital system can be hacked and breached also over the internet, they usually come with high security and warn the registered user of any hacks tried. But the situation is alarming if the breach is made possible since the device will have enough information about your usage and behavior pattern which can be compromised to some unknown person. Since they come with high-security which the companies are making even better, we can expect that such a threat is not possible easily.

The possibilities and positive sides of IoT are really increasing with every day. It has made our lives more efficient and convenient. Many people are really benefited by the life-saving IoT devices which encourages the manufacturers to keep introducing more such devices on a positive note.