Are you scared about your relationship getting stagnant? Do you feel depressed and feel like putting a hold on all your plans? Do you want your boy to miss you? Are you seeking for some true attention? Well! Whatever be the reason, here are some of the exciting as well as proven methods on how to make him miss you.

Absence is something that makes your heart grow fonder. But to be honest, we need to put on a little space to breathe as it will let you know how much he misses you. Honestly, men are of fickle minded, and they need a lot of attention, and obviously, they love to chase you. However, sometimes it becomes a lot more difficult to balance the relationship and hence it is better to let it go and make him miss you and your value.


Stop Communicating with Him:

If you love someone or even when you miss him, it is hard not to reach out to that person. You wish to be in a daily communication which is even sometimes hourly. However, if you really want your man to miss you, it is better to pull away. Do not call him or text him and reply him that you were busy. When you do stop contacting him, your MR. The right will wonder why you have just got silent and would start missing you. This is a very first step towards making your man miss you instantly.

Add mystery and surprise to your encounters with him:

The mystery is something that is enjoyed by almost everyone and hence it is obvious that your Mr. Perfect will enjoy it too. Do you want your guy to miss you? Well! Then try to keep secrets. It is not necessary to put your life story at one sitting. Guys do love a little bit of mystery and they will surely won’t like to know everything about you at once. Boys love to do adventure and hence if you want him to miss you more, plan for an outdoor adventure. If you are fun to be with the type of girl, then surely your boy is going to miss you.

Always leave him craving for more and more:

Don’t you crave for the thing that tastes good and want it more and more? Well! A tip to you would be- Men crave for the things that they can’t afford easily. Giving everything right onto his hands will not make him attracted towards you. Try to strict him so that he can fight to get those nearly impossible things. For example, don’t go for a kiss on the very first date and make him urge for it. He will appreciate the lady more who will challenge him to fit in her good graces.

Use Social Media to Highlight your Independent Life:

As we all know that social media does have several benefits and one of them is to make your boyfriend miss you. You must be wondering how will that happen? Well! Post something interesting about yourself such as cooking pictures, or gym time. Let your man see those posts and get an idea about your independent life. Make sure that you share it with your friends and also with that special someone. However, do not try to elaborate fake posts which might affect the trust of the relationship. Guys want to make sure that you have a life outside of him.

Get him to wait Before you Return his Calls and Messages:

Make sure that you prove your importance in front of him. This will be one of the major factors in making him missing you. If your man sends your text unless it is an emergency do not go for an immediate response. If he is constantly asking you how your day was going, then allow him a little time to wonder what is going on. Try to ignore the instant replies and if possible, reply after a few hour. Text him that you are having fun without making sure that you him. This will indeed make him miss you and your fun loving moments.

Be Your Own Woman:

One of the best ways to make him miss you more is by showing off what you are capable of. If you are independent, then make sure that you flaunt it and make sure that you stop depending on him for your happiness. However, when you are in a long distance relationship, where the two of you see each other far less frequently, make sure that you do not rely on him. Making your man feel that you also have a life apart from him will indeed make him feel that he is missing you. Make sure that you are also into your personal hobbies to enjoy your life.

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Treat Him Like a Friend:

If you are missing him, it is indeed common that you would be fawning over him. Switch the things up when you see him a treat him like a good friend. Even though you two are in a relationship, nothing can be better than having a relationship with friends first. But if you constantly make him feel that you are polite and courteous and not flirtatious before saying a goodbye to your partner. Make sure that you do not feel soft in front of him, and this will make him miss you more. Of course, this may also backfire and get him to think that you are not interested in him.

Show Up With Someone Else:

Jealousy can always be a tricky beast with which to contend. However, there is no easier way to make him feel that he is missing you. He might think that there is always another guy whom you have. Whenever you go to a place, make sure that you bring another guy along. It could be just a friend or a potential new flame. As long as your man sees you, he will surely miss you more. He will remember all the good times he had with you and also how you would have enjoyed with your man.