The paper flowers have a number of uses which includes party decor or wearing for fancy-dress celebrations or for gift decorations and much more. They are pretty simple and easy to make as well as comes in a wide variety. If you are planning to make your own paper flowers at home, then do not miss reading further and watching the video tutorials of how to make simple and beautiful paper flowers. So, if you want to gift someone a beautiful bouquet or decorate your scrapbooking book, then remember that the best choice is to make the perfect paper flower craft. Come on! Let’s check out.

20 Different Paper Flowers Tutorials

1) Paper Carnation Flower Tutorial with Video
The paper carnation flowers are really easy and quick to craft because they can be made with a variety of materials and methods. And believe me; the finished product makes the best arrangement for the festive decorations. [click here to get to the tutorial]

2) Rolled Paper Flowers
The rolled paper flowers can be made out of any sheet. But you need a tool for spiraling them in order to give them a perfect flower shape. Also, it is really important to give a bright, colorful look to the rolled paper flowers with a specific design.[click here to get to the tutorial]

3) How to Make a Paper Flower
The paper flowers are really inexpensive, simple and quick. And yes, the most important thing is that they are one of the best thoughtful handmade gifts which looks beautiful, can be easily customized and have a personal touch. It is even one of the best gifts for any occasion including wedding, valentine, birthday and much more. So, if you are searching for a tutorial on how to make a paper flower, then your search ends here.[click here to get to the tutorial]

4) Paper Gerbera Daisy
Yes, now you can easily make the pretty gerbera daisies out of paper. You can simply use the variety of papers, but remember to use a lightweight paper. Some of these flowers are metallic while some are uncoated stock. You can use the glitter paper for the centers of these flowers.[click here to get to the tutorial]

5) Instant Recycled Paper Flowers
The instantly recycled paper flowers can be easily made from a tool, shredder. And yes, it is quick, sharp tool which is best for gift wrapping. It helps in easily transforming the simple papers into extraordinary art pieces. You can use these recycled flowers to decorate your room or decorating for a party.[click here to get to the tutorial]

6) DIY Paper Flowers
If you are planning to boost the décor of your home or DIY wedding, then the best thing to add is the paper flowers. Yes, the paper flowers have come a long way and now, they look quite sophisticated as well as reminds about the original blooms. These flowers are budget friendly and people really love having fun crafting time.[click here to get to the tutorial]

7) Rustic Over-sized Paper Flower Tutorial
The rustic over-sized paper flower looks just too amazing as a backdrop. These flowers are specifically made from the brown paper bags or from the butcher paper. The petals of these flowers must feel very rustic and they look like a trash. The rustic brown color looks just too amazing because it easily grounds well with any of the colors for decorations.[click here to get to the tutorial]

8) Paper Cabbage Rose
People do love making different types of paper flowers. It is fun and entertaining. So, we have the paper cabbage rose which can be used best as a gift topper. You can make the cabbage rose from crepe paper or crumbled paper. Remember to use the paper which has more fiber. Paper flowers are seriously so beautiful and pretty.[click here to get to the tutorial]

9) Paper Dahlia
Dahlia is a luscious bloom flower and one of the all-time favorites of people. They are available in a variety of shapes and colors. It is not the simplest flower which can be made easily because they have so many petals to be cut down in a perfect form. And yes, making the paper dahlia flowers need your time and commitment, it’s worth it. When it completes, it looks so gorgeous.[click here to get to the tutorial]

10) How to make Recycled Paper Flowers
At some point in time, people do prefer learning little about art. And the paper flowers need just four shapes to cut out. They can be used for decorating. They can be made from any waste material which is dumped or trashed in your house. You must use the lightweight material for making recycled paper flowers.[click here to get to the tutorial]

11) Paper Flowers
Whether you want to decorate your home or gift something beautiful to your friend or someone special, there is nothing better than the handmade paper flowers. And you can find amazing tutorials for making the perfect paper flower crafts. Once you make sufficient paper flowers, you just need to pin them together to get a gorgeous paper flower bouquet. The best paper flowers can be made from scrapbooking paper with an option for using the pearl decorative stick on. And these paper flowers look just too cute over the presents.[click here to get to the tutorial]

12) Paper Ranunculus Flower
The paper ranunculus flower seems just too amazing and beautiful. These flowers are made of out of paper. But I was little disappointed when I was not able to found any templates on the same. This actually meant that now, I have to search more and finally I found the one. You can see that we have a really nice looking picture of ranunculus which you can simply duplicate using the video. The paper ranunculus flower looks real and can be gifted by making its flower bouquet.[click here to get to the tutorial]

13) How to Make Tissue Rosette Kissing Balls
Many of you might have the doubts about the tissue rosette kissing balls. In simple words, how to twist the paper? And yes, twisting paper means to make the flower balls out of paper. With simple works and tools, you can easily make the best and some awesome rosette decorations. All you need to have a crepe or tissue paper with glue and floral ball. People surely prefer having these rosette kissing balls hanging on the balconies or in the kid’s room.[click here to get to the tutorial]

14) Ornament Punch Flower Tutorial
You need to have the ornament punch to make a beautiful ornament punch flower. And yes, you will make a beautiful flower using the Whisper White CS. You can also use the sponge for sponging the flower tips which can make it look a lot more beautiful.[click here to get to the tutorial]

15) Paint Chip Flower
The paint chip flowers are usually selected by the people who are getting married. And the reason is that the gradation of hues of the paint chips looks awfully romantic. You can even use them decorating your homes by hanging them on the doors or walls of your room. It is really fun making these paint chip flowers. You can simply make the best combinations of the hues and shades.[click here to get to the tutorial]

16) Crepe Paper Peonies
There few people who love wrapping gifts, especially the girls. And if you are one of those people then you will definitely fall in love with the crepe paper peonies. These are inexpensive as well as easy to make for wrapping the gifts on any occasion. These look fluffy as well as beautiful. These flowers are slightly heavyweight and even don’t stretch much. It is really fun and simple to work with the crepe paper peonies.[click here to get to the tutorial]

17) Paper Rolled Flowers
The paper rolled flowers are super easy to make and even loved by most the people about how they look. These flowers can be made from any kind of paper. The best paper is use is a textured card stock which has a ribbing pattern. This paper will actually give a different and extra texture of the rolled flowers. You have to stop winding at the middle of the spiral because it is the base of the paper rolled flower and here you have to add the glue. These flowers are super easy, simple and fun to make. Actually, making these bright colored paper rolled flowers will help you in brightening your room.[click here to get to the tutorial]

18) Folded Paper Flowers
Having knowledge about origami helps you in making beautiful art pieces using the scrap paper. But, if you haven’t even folded a paper crane, then using the right paper and following the instructions carefully, you can easily make the folded paper flowers like a pro. And yes, you can even make a flower bouquet using the folded paper flowers with just a few cuts and folds. You can gift them to someone because these bunches of flowers will never fade or you can use them as a table display in your dining room.[click here to get to the tutorial]

19) Christmas Flower Ornament
If you love the folding ornaments, then you would love making the Christmas flower ornament. And yes, they are just too perfect to be used as an ornament. So, if your Christmas tree is finally up and you are going to adorn it now, then don’t go for those cheap shatterproof ornaments. Because now, you can put up a more beautiful and homespun touch by crafting the Christmas flower ornaments.[click here to get to the tutorial]

20) Distressed Vintage Flower
The making of a distressed vintage flower is one of the best techniques because they will really turn out to be pretty cute. And believe me, these flowers are somewhat the best wedding gifts or you can even use them for decorating your home.[click here to get to the tutorial]


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