Are you dating the girl of your dreams? Do you spend a lot of time together? Well! Then you should know that sometimes you two need to stay apart and that will naturally make you worried about the relationship. You may think that the spark will fade once you don’t see each other. However, you no need to worry more, as there are several ways by which you can make your girl miss you when you two aren’t together. Wonder how? Well! Here you will get to see how to make a girl miss you in detail.

Some Proven Ways on How to Make a Girl Miss You:

If you are wondering how to make your girl miss you when you two are not together, then in this article you will find few proven strategies and methods to make your girlfriend miss you.

Give Her Some Space To Breathe:

If you are really inclined to her, then you will always wish to spend more time with her. And it is quite obvious that she will also like to spend every waking moment with you.

It’s nice to spend time together, but you surely don’t want to make things in a hurry. Spending every possible moment with her can make things a little fizzy. Hence try to give some space to her so that she gets time to miss you.

Be a Little Mysterious:

When you date someone special, it is quite obvious that you will like to know more about her. Ensure that you are letting her know about yourself enough so that she gets interested in you, but you should avoid telling her everything at one go.

By keeping good stories for later time will make her stick around you to know more about you. This will keep her completely engaged with you, and at the same time, you will also find something special and good to share with her.

Don’t be too easy to reach:

Well! You have your own life apart from this relationship, remember? Hence, you should not be readily available to her all the time. Avoid picking up calls or texting her every time she does. Try to be a little less responsive if you really want her to miss you.

If you be too responsive, then it will make her think that she has wrapped you around her finger.

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Leave a piece of yourself with her:

Do you want your girl to miss you whenever you are not with her? Well! If yes, then you should keep something with her that will make her remind of you. It can be anything such as a cute little teddy bear or a shirt that you love the most, a photo of you two framed, etc.

Treat Like a Queen When you’re together:

Though you are planning to stay apart so as to make your girl miss you, whenever you are together, you shouldn’t miss any chance to treat her like a Queen. Make sure she enjoys your company, compliment her often, tell her she is looking beautiful, pamper her with gifts, etc. Talk to her about her favorite things, watch movies with her, etc. Listen to her carefully while she speaks her heart out.

Don’t Act Desperate:

It is always not necessary to receive her phone calls on the very first ring. You should sometime let her call you more than three to four times or more. This will make her miss you. Do not act like you don’t care about her.

If you meet every day, then avoid meeting daily as it might make your relationship dull with no spark left.

Slow Down With the Technology:

If you want her to miss you more, then avoid being socially active rather write the letter. Yes! A letter can make her day. With the advancement of technology, nobody bothers to write a letter. However, if you make an effort to write her a sweet love letter, then you will surely make her fall in love with you once again.

You no need to be a literature expert to write your girl a letter. She will be impressed with the efforts made and not by your skills. Don’t be too desperate to meet her every day if she shows no interest in meeting you daily. Give her ample space to make her know your value.

Never take her for Granted:

If you love her and don’t want to lose her, then avoid taking her as granted. Put in your considerable efforts to make her smile, to make her feel special. Respect her, and she will appreciate your efforts.

Make it sure that you aren’t avoiding her entirely or disrespecting her as this might make her feel lonely. To make someone miss you doesn’t mean to make her feel alone all the time.

Kiss her and Hold her:

Making a girl miss you isn’t that difficult if you know those little tricks and tips to make her fall for you again and again. Creating good memories for her is one of those, and there a lot of things to do that can create good memories. Take her to some amazing dates, dance with her, call her at night, and gift her with some beautiful things. But don’t forget to kiss and hold her tight once you meet her.

Some of the Additional Tips to Follow:

  • Don’t be over possessive as it might make her feel uncomfortable. Have fun together.
  • Don’t try to change her. If you like her, accept her the way she is.
  • Always respect her and love her.
  • Don’t be rude with her.
  • Don’t pretend to be a good boy, be what you are in reality.


These are just a few methods by which you can make your girl miss you. However, the most important to keep in mind is to keep a balance in between your personal and professional lives. Put your 100% effort and stay honest to make your relationship work beautifully. Small efforts can be a big deal to make her feel good and to develop an unyielding bond.